A Celebration of Love

I have fond memories of Valentine Parties in grade school. I really loved getting those little Valentine Day cards. There was something about a card I could hold in my hand and call my own. It felt good to receive those little Valentine’s from everyone in your class. It really was special. They were mine, from……… to…. me. I remember the sweet pictures, cute little cartoon dogs and teddy bears, pink and read hearts, Strawberry Shortcake and Care Bears. Once Valentine’s Day was all about the little cards and treats, then it was about roses and cards from your boyfriend, followed by your husband. Then you have children it is once again about the little cards and treats. But then your children grow up and you are no longer frantically filling out class Valentines at 9:30 at night and wrapping up the heart shaped cookies. It becomes a day of love and celebration of love and those around you that you love. Sure the cards, treats and flowers add to the occasion but it is the blessings of those around you that make the up true spirit of Valentine’s Day. You can make it all about the commercial and complain about the capitalism or you can hug, kiss and shower love on those you love and take wonder in the blessings of the relationships you have with other people. Because in the end, it was always about the relationships with others and always will be. Protect and cherish those relationships and have Happy Valentine’s Day.

My husband and I on Brides Revisited day at our city gardens. We were married in 1995 this photos is from Summer of 2017.

How do you curb your creativity craving?

Those moment when you are in a Netflick binge and your suddenly overwhelmed with a feeling of why I am wasting hours away in front of the TV. Don’t get me wrong, I think a healthy TV binge is sometimes just what is needed for the mind, body and soul. But sometimes what you maybe feeling is the need to create. I used to account this feeling to wanting to be productive. I needed to be productive, doing something all the time to feel like I had a purpose. If I wasn’t being useful with my time I was being wasteful with it. No-one wants to feel like they are wasting their life away.

Photo by Emily Hopper on Pexels.com

I am starting to realize that what I craved is not so much productivity but creativity. I want to create. Creativity can come in many different forms and mediums. Writing is creative, baking, house decorating, gardening, photography, makeup application, knitting, flower arranging, DIY. I use to think creativity was just doing art or music, what a shame I was so closed minded and sometimes while I was being productive I was also creating. I mean it takes some skill and creativity to fold towels perfectly and line them all facing just picture perfect.

Here is one of the challenges I have with being creative over productive. Generally, you need materials to create and I don’t like clutter. Nor mess. I also hate going out and buying a bunch of materials and spending a lot of money to only get bored or not complete the project. Luckily, my career allows me to be very creative. But I am craving that creativity more frequently and in different forms lately. Maybe it has been this miserable, very cold winter we are having. As well some aspects of my career have been very overwhelming lately and I find I am phone surfing way too long in the evenings and weekend and feeling unproductive. There is that word again and what happens when I feel unproductive, I feel “ wasteful and useless in times like these” ( Hands by Jewel)

Then there is the lack of talent. This feeling that to create you need to be talented, really talented. Anything less than perfect poses the question why bother. So here you are with no talent, a mess, clutter, expensive items and feeling like shit. I am in true awe of people that do art, any art. I find it completely fascinating. To have that passion for a project, or materials and creation is amazing. truly.

But sadly, for me, creating, just like life is messy, contains clutter, and is highly expensive. Maybe that is why I enjoy writing, you don’t need a lot. Computer, paper and pens, you can spice it up with nice pens and notebooks. I think for now I will continue to dabble in other creative forms when I am inspired. I hope that one day, I might find that true passion. Or maybe I will always be a mixed bag, just curbing the creative and satisfying the need to be productive.

Creating a Winter Staycation at Home

This year may be the year that you have to plan your Winter retreat right in the comfort of your own home. But don’t fret, it may not be the vacation you were hoping for but it can still be an enjoyable and relaxing one with a little planning and preparation. Here is everything you need for a….. Couple Staycation Weekend

photo of woman kissing man

Photo by Marco Lima on Pexels.com

First, if you are not kid free, you have to find someone you trust to take the little darlings off your hands for the weekend. Beg, plead, make promises you can’t keep. 

Prepare the…..


You have lots of options here. Go take out all the way. Take out and cook or cook up a storm, if you fancy.  If you plan to prepare some meals and snacks decide on a menu before grocery shopping. Buy foods and snacks you enjoy. Pancakes and bacon for breakfast or a tropical fruit smoothy. My husband and I love to cook our favourite meal when we are treating ourself or celebrating a special moment. Steak for him and lobster and mussels for me. We set the table fancy and drink out of champaign glasses. We also plan for a afternoon nibbler with cheese, fruit, crackers and wine. If your staycation will involve a Netflix binge get snacks you enjoy.  Food is to be enjoyed with others and in celebration for this little staycation take it up a notch.


Visit your local museum or art gallery. Take in a local concert. Go to the pool for an adult swim time. Catch a movie. Take a drive. Go for a winter hike. Each one of these can be created into an adventure and experience. A winter hike could be followed up with hot chocolate in a thermos on a park bench. Make a schedule of events or wing it or toss the whole plan out and go with the flow. It doesn’t matter your on vacation.  


The Environment 

Clean sheets, warm blankets, throws and a bed full of pillows. Chocolates, rose pedals, massage oil and body lotions, candles, plush robes. Have the house cleaned in advance so you don’t have to worry or think about housework. Close the laundryroom door.  What makes a vacation? A vacation is when we can leave all the stress of our regular life behind us. Clear your schedule and take the weekend off from work, chores and anything else that could spoil your staycation. It is only one weekend, you can do it. 


Breaking the Rules

I work in education. I get rules. Rules are sometimes referred to in schools as norms, class dos, policy, regulations, guideline. I tend to be a rule follower while inside screaming “ I don’t want to follow the rules” “ You can’t control me”. I am already humming Beyonce, Halo…. “Rules that I am breaking… never gonna shut you out…”

I am breaking some rules people. What rules ya say? The over 40 rules. You know the rules where some mysterious “they” make norms for people to follow. And apparently there are lots for us over 40 somethings and up.

  1. I don’t feel my age, in fact sometimes I forget how old I am.
  2. I have long hair.
  3. I watch James Charles videos and like them.
  4. I wear glitter makeup. I love glitter ( environmentally friendly of course).
  5. I enjoy a good highlighter with a shim shim shimmer.
  6. I wear scrunchies and style them to match work outfits.
  7. I braid my hair.
  8. I wear ripped jeans.
  9. I show my knees.
  10. I wear shorts.

This is the short list. I am not going to deny there are places in my 40’s that I won’t go like….low rise jeans, and Fashion Nova ( so many reasons), Wish (fool me once rule applies here), short shorts or mini skirts, thigh high boots but that doesn’t mean you can’t. My only rule when I am presenting myself to the world is to keep it classy and sassy!

What rules are your breaking in fashion, beauty, lifestyle?

Where do you draw the line in fashion, beauty, lifestyle?

Quick Tips for Managing Anxiety in the Moment

  1. Breath; your are probably holding your breath and not even realizing it. Breath in deeply and breath out slowly. Do this a few times, you will really need to make a conscience effort to start breathing and to keep breathing. This will help ground you to begin the remaining tips.
  2. Place your hand on your heart and say to yourself at least 5 times. “ I am here right now and I am safe” Breath in “ I am here right now” and out “ I am safe.
  3. Start at the top of your head and start naming body parts, for example head, hair, forehead, crown, left ear, right ear and so on, work your way down to your toes. Name internal organs, each of your fingers, each of your toes.
  4. Start the mantra “My thoughts are distorting my thinking. I can not see this clearly right now”
  5. Reach out to someone you trust for support.

Fashion Faux Trend Embraced

I love Burkenstocks and slouchy socks. It is a staple in my weekend wardrobe. I wear it with jeans, with shorts, with jean skirts and jean shorts. How do I get away with it? It is all about the carefree, I am one with nature spirit and attitude. I just happen to take the weekend camping and hiking attire and bring it back with me. Honestly, I am obsessed. Anyone else?



Planning a Winter Staycation

woman lifting her head up

Photo by Martin Lopez on Pexels.com

I am trying hard not to cry that I have no tropical vacation planned this Winter ( first world problems, I know).  I live in Canada, Winter is long and harsh. There I said it, I have been in denial for a long time about Canadian Winters and pissed off every time I heard someone on American TV talk about our Canadian Winters and how we are all riding sleds and living in igloos. Americans want to flock to Canada and I get it. Trump Nation. And Summers and Falls ( except this Fall, it sucked)  are amazing here, as are the people.  But there is a part of me that is envious of those more Southern. I’d be living in California, if I was an American. But here I am way off topic. I want to talk about planning a staycation and why one is so important for your mind, body and soul.

Now when I talk about Staycation, I am not referring to turning your apartment into your own bed and breakfast but hey that is doable and probably a great next blog post. I am talking about actually going some where.

So, what do you need to know about a Winter Staycation. I am talking couples retreat. Children free. A staycation with children is a whole other ballgame and lucky for me, been there, done that, loved it, moving on.  Here is a tip, if you don’t want to be around children do not choose a place with a pool. Sharing a hot tub with five other children is just… uncomfortable. There is no relaxing poolside with 50 screaming children jumping in and out of the pool. Trust me!

Okay, first, decide what kind of staycation you want.

A total relaxing, sit back by the fire and have room service or hit the slopes, I did say I lived in Canada. Once you know what you are up for you can begin looking by a simple google search. You also have to decide how far you want to travel. Do you want a longer drive or something practically in your backyard?

Budget. It is my new word of the year. Something I need to spend more time managing. Something to consider, just saying, your staying home for some reason. Tip; sometimes, it can be just as costly to book a staycation at home as it is to travel down south so keep that in mind.

Recap; decide…

What kind of experience do you want?

How far do you want to travel?

What is your budget?

Winter feels long. Having something to look forward to helps with those Winter blues, cold days and nights and sometime Away, no matter how close away actually is,  is always good for the mind, body and soul.