That kid

My child was “that kid ” today who sent a nasty message to his friend, his good friend. And I was the Mother that received a text message from the parent with a picture of his message. I wish I could say I am completely surprised but I am not. Sometime you wonder how two children that you raise in the same family in pretty much the same way can be so different. My son has had a potty mouth pretty much since he could talk. I have tried lots of things to rid him of this but nothing has worked. Of course, now that he is 11, the “potty mouth” is developing way beyond the potty. I am sad and disappointed for him because this will now be the second family that he has become ” that kid” too. He is impulsive but very intelligent. He doesn’t have any learning disabilities. I’ve investigated. He even saw a psychologist last year and that helped a lot. Her opinion was he really, really liked to have his own way and that is true, I know. At times, I have tried every parenting and teacher strategy I know but he has a very good way of completely shutting me out. That has been improving, he is more willing to talk and he has made gains. But for some reasons he thinks he is the “cool” kid or that is the road he is planning to take. But I have news for him. I will fight him every step of the way because all that spells is trouble. I will do whatever it takes. But I second guess myself a little bit because I don’t want to push to hard. Worse then being “that kid” would be  “that teen” doing drugs and alcohol. I  hope I am just overreacting.

But I am really sad for him because right now he is “that kid” but he has put himself there. Sure, it makes me wonder what they are thinking about me but I really don’t care that much because they have no idea how hard I am working. Not to mention I have heard a few stories about what goes on in their homes. So all his electronics are gone indefinitely. I am not sure he will ever be ready for social media during his teen years. I am not sure he will ever get his iPad back or a phone later down the road. I am not sure he will ever be leaving the house. Okay, that is overreacting.

Everyone deserve a second chance but he has a lot of work to do. I am deleting his Skype and Instagram accounts. When and if he earns his iPad back he will only have access to message and as he proves himself can earn the other accounts back.     If any positives are to come out of this maybe he will tap into his creative talents since his face won’t be stuck in an iPad.


Blanket Sweaters

I bought the most amazing sweater the other day at Ricki’s. It feels like I am wearing a warm, snuggly blanket. It feels so wonderful to wake up on a cold morning and wrap myself in this sweater before heading off to work. I just have to be careful not to fall a sleep at my desk. Nah, I think I am just all about wanting to wear flannel all day, everyday during the Winter.

Sad face. I couldn’t find the sweater on the website so they may have sold out on line. May still be available in stores.

I have also been drooling over the sweaters at American Eagle. Added some favourites below. And if you are in the beginning or throws of menopause I apologize because you probably hate sweaters. Trust me I know how you feel.



AEO Chunky Cable Knit


AEO Patterned Sweater Poncho


AEO Cocoon Sweater

Vegas Virgin No More

I am no longer a Las Vegas Virgin. It was definitely a place on the mental bucket list to visit.

First thoughts:
This place is awesome!

Our Hotel……
Our hotel was amazing, we stayed at the Palazzo. This was the first 5 star and largest hotel I have ever stayed in. Our room was also large at 700 sq2 feet, on the 42nd floor with a great view. It was clean and I was able to confirm with the our room maid that the room was bedbug free. But of course I stripped the bed, threw up the mattress, moved the bed away from the wall and checked everywhere with my flashlight that I brought just for this specific purpose.

The food…..
The best value for great quality food was at 800 degrees pizza. I also loved this place because it had an outside patio right on the strip, it was a great atmosphere.
I would also try Buddy’s Bakery just to say been there, done that.

Wasn’t expecting to…..
To go to minus5 degree bar being we were there to get some warmth and all but I just had to see inside and those damn white fur coats got me. I was so cold we didn’t even stay for a drink. It was a quick in and out. BTW the white fur coats are the upgraded package we got some brown ugly things.
Also note, we went to the bar first and she gave us a coupon for 800 degree pizza 2 for 1 and 800 degrees pizza gave us a coupon for buy one get one for minus 5 degrees.


Enjoy Madame T wax musuem. I wasn’t interested at all but hubs wanted to go so I did. I was pleasantly surprised and down right freaked out when I saw Sandra Bullock standing in the middle of the floor she looked so real. I hammed it up with all the wax celebs and send my kids a pic of myself with wax Britney Spears. They freaked out a bit cause they thought I got to meet her for real. LOL

IMG_4834                                   IMG_4861
That brings me to BRITNEY SPEARS!
I was super excited about this and wasn’t going to let any bad review ruin my night and just to make sure I ordered a double rum in a keepsake Britney Cup to get the party started. It was super entertaining watching people come into the theatre in their shoes and dresses. Wholly heels and sparkles! Loved it! I didn’t take my eyes off her the whole time and danced just about every song and when she changed costumes I ran to the bathroom ( damn double rum). I think she may have actually sang 2 songs. At times she was on fire with the dancing and it was young Britney. There were a few times I noticed that awkwardness. BUT GOD she is not 20 anymore give the girl a break people. I loved it and it all feels like a dream. If you go expecting to see a concert you will be disappointed, it is a show not a concert. A Britney Show!

Next time…
I will bring sneakers. Wear comfortable shoes you do lots of walking.

What I loved…
The weather, the atmosphere, the lights, the excitement
What I didn’t love
The four hour time change caused me to wake up at 4am and be ready for bed at 7pm, all the shopping in the hotels was pretty high end fun to look at but out of my budget. The only purchase I made was a coach purse.
The shows are pricey.

Jimm Choo Shoes

Next time……
I’d love to go with the gals or a group of people
Take more rest stops or a rest day
Budget for more shows
Maybe stay at Ceasar’s Palace ( this was another really nice hotel)
Wear comfortable sneakers and comfortable clothes to walking during the day