Christmas and Boxing Day Haul

My  husband was very kind to me this Christmas, hooking him up to my blog Christmas wish list was very helpful. He has always been very generous to me and can make me feel very special. I have enough makeup and products to try out for the next 3 months or until my January IPSY bag arrives. LOL. I think I have come to the conclusion that my blog just may put me in the poor house.

Just before Christmas my tarte Mascara arrived and they included a foundation sample. My 11 year old must have been feeling adventurous because  he let me try the sample on him. He wanted me to cover his sweet little freckles. I only agreed after I reassured him once again that I love his freckles and that they are the best part of his cute little face.  It wasn’t that long ago that he was very self-conscience of them. Anyways, it was a good test to try it on someone else and I will miss not having a daughter to play beauty school with.  The full size mascara comes with a faux leather like cover on it. I am not a fan of this as I like the sleek look and feel of a mascara tube but I will get over it since it is what is inside that counts.


Since I did purchase this mascara I took back the LASH STASH from Sephora and purchased Urban Decay Naked on the Run. Thanks to Boobs & Blonde for pointing me in the direction. This looks like a great palette.  I am looking forward the Sephora Super Star Collection, I haven’t had a chance to really dive in yet. I will also be testing out the beauty blender sponge ( not from Sephora, drug store brand).


Despite being under the weather today. I did a quick run into the city to pick up some clothes I had ordered and also took advantage of Victoria’s Secret buy one bra get one 50% off.  These T-shirt bras are my favourite! The tops are from Ricki’s, they were on sale for $9.99 each and are part of their Revolution collection, which is basically their casual, comfy line.


I hope I am feeling better tomorrow because I am super excited about our New Year’s Plans. We are heading to the Cottages that I celebrated my 40th birthday at. They are rustic and cozy. I am going to dress comfortable and add all my NYE glam. We are going to eat seafood, drink champagne and thank God for our incredible, blessed lives. Happy New Year!!!!!


I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions

This blog’s purpose is to be about everything positive in my world.From my family and friends, to my favourite things. But I also want it to be a reflection of my journey.  I learned at the ripe old age of 10 that bad things happening to good people. For some reason life wanted to keep giving me that lesson 2 more very difficult times.  Trust me I get it!

I wrote this one to describe my anxiety.

I wrote this one to describe my anxiety.

 I don’t expect to live a perfect life with no sorrow or without up and downs. I understand that each of us carries something and that no one is immune to tragedy.  Sadly, the person I once was is never coming back, she is not, I have accepted that, parts of her are there, some of the best parts but some parts are not so great.  I am learning to love both and developing a new confidence in her.


I wrote this when I was starting to let go

I started journalling at about 11 years of age and have continued to do so throughout my life. Paper to pen is therapeutic, it is sometimes the only safe place to say the things you are afraid to say out loud.  You can write your biggest fears or your worst thoughts and then rip them up into tiny bits like they never existed. It can help you put together the tiny bits of your heart that have been torn apart. Journaling, can take you on a tour of your heartache and triumphs of  your life.

January 1, 2014

New year, new beginning. Wish I could say that new year and everything is wonderful and i am not still riding the waves of anxiety but I am even today. One minute I am feeling great, alive and ready to take on the world and the next I am worried about something and obsessing over a real or imagined aliment. But my wish is that I ride the anxiety wave less this year and that I can live a bit more carefree.

September  2014

I am living more carefree and thinking less about all the terrible things that could go wrong. And this makes me happy. It has been a long time coming. It is not always perfect and I have my moments but it is so much better.

As I was having a moment the other day I pulled out one of my many journals and found another entry dated March 17, 2012.  It was a list of declarations I declared over my life. I had forgot about this list as I have another set that I keep on my phone and read over more frequently.  I realized that these are the mottos for my life.   Like I said, while I don’t expect to live a perfect life free from pain and sorrow. I do pray to live free from heartbreaking tragedy or at least the  fear, anxiety and worry of it.

I have learned not to make New Year Resolutions, broken promises to yourself that just leave you feeling like a failure. Instead I declare my hopes, dreams and wishes to God and let him do the work.

Heading into 2015 once again…..

I declare I will be free from anxiety and fear.

I declare I will be an active mother to my children.

I declare I will raise Godly sons filled with love, kindness, gifts and talents.

I declare I will have a loving, vulnerable, fun marriage with my husband.

I declare I will have a happy, comfortable home that brings joy and peace to my family and friends.

I declare I will make a difference in the lives of children, leading them to their gifts and talents. Showing them that they can move above and beyond their circumstances.

I declare I will travel to new places and experience the world and activities that God has created for us to enjoy here on earth.

I declare longevity for my life.

I declare perfect divine health, free from all sickness, illness, infirmities, cancers for me and my family.

I declare I will have a true kindred spirit best friend.

I declare I will use my voice in song to bring others in the presence of God.

Christmas Present Bedroom Make Over

After weeks of planning, shopping and organizing the Christmas bedroom makeover finally came together for my  youngest son. Imagine, I was painting yesterday, on Boxing Day! As “they” say, there is always a first time for everything.  It has been so mild here that I also had clothes on the line yesterday, another first.

 I figure I am not going to get my Christmas relaxing time in until next week. While I love Christmas I tend to get really uptight about all the mess. Today, my house finally seems to be back in manageable order. I am sure I am not the only insane person to try a room makeover at Christmas.

Back to the room make over details! Most of  the new items I ordered came from IKEA. Since we do not have an IKEA in this city. I had to have the items shipped from Montreal. I used an independent company so it was cheaper then using IKEA.

I wasn’t sure how my son was going to feel about opening a desk, chair, lamp etc.. but he was excited. He didn’t ask for anything for Christmas. When opening he said, “I like not asking for anything because everything you open is a surprise.”

To get him more involved in the process. I had printed and cut out pictures of all the items and he was able to play around with the items and arrange them on a room template.  He also helped with the painting but then I kicked him out and he had to sleep in our room last night.

This afternoon was the big reveal.  He felt the need to tell me he wasn’t going to do the jump up and down and cry reaction that he sees on TV and for me not to be disappointed. Okay? Just keep it clean for 5 minutes.



helping with the painting


IMG_5170 IMG_5172 IMG_5173 IMG_5174 IMG_5175 IMG_5177 IMG_5178

Christmas Week

It has been a busy couple days around here but oh so fun as we celebrate the season.

The boys designed and created their own gingerbread houses on the 24th.  Last year,I stopped buying the pre-made kits and started making the gingerbread from scratch. The youngest son found a pattern online and the oldest son designed his own this year. I use the Gingerbread recipe from Mel’s Kitchen Cafe Gingerbread sleds and her burnt sugar recipe to hold the houses together.  Last year, I really gave myself a good burn on the hand with the burnt sugar so I was nervous using it this year  and I don’t think I kept it hot enough this time round. I will have to invest in some heat gloves for next year. Here are the links to Mel’s.


drawing to scale


cutting out the pieces



assembly and decorate


clash of clans castle

clash of clans castle

Christmas Traditions

Christmas traditions are in full swing. Operation Christmas 2014 is just about complete and it is time to stop, relax, and enjoy. That is what the season is all about right?! Yes, yes it is.

Today, I had to do a little cram jam as I have been falling behind but we had Christmas Quiche for supper, so check! The kids started their Gingerbread Houses, check check. The Christmas PJ’s are wrapped and the Christmas eve ornaments are ready to go. I have all the supplies for boxing day brunch Potato Latkes. I found boxes of Pot of Gold Chocolates ( 4 one for each of us so we don’t have to fight over the favourites).  Surprisingly, I have only watched The Holiday once. I will have to try to get another viewing in tomorrow. I did watch White Christmas ( a favourite of my Dad’s) today while wrapping presents.

 I have included a list of traditions I wrote out in 2010. Some are starting to change because the boys are getting older and we are also making new ones.

1. In preparing for Christmas, have your children donate some of their used toys to a local charity. This helps declutter the playroom while at the same time creating a spirit of giving. We have very few toys now so instead I did their clothes.
2. Help your children write their letter to Santa but only after you have had several discussions about what they want Santa to bring this year. Young children can change their minds often about their Christmas list, sometimes with every new commercial. Talking about the list helps you determine what they really want and helps narrow down the shopping list. By the time they sit down to write the letter you have helped them manage their list, making shopping much easier for you. LOL, Did I really write that, they must have been changing their mind and causing me havoc with my shopping.
3. As a family participate in a least one charity event together. Fill a shoe box for Samaritan’s purse, get involved with a local food drive or pick a child’s name off a Salvation Army tree. This is the first year we did not participate in a local food drive. This will be a priority for next year.
4. Attend a tree lighting event together. Didn’t make our local event this year. 
5. Purchase the Christmas tree and outdoor wreaths together. Nope, hubs and I went to the tree farm alone, had a nice walk and time together.
6. Buy all the children matching or new pjs for an annual Christmas Eve photo by the tree. Wrapped them up so they can have something to open on Christmas Eve. Can no longer get them to match.
6. Make cookies together and don’t fret about what they look like. I have not baked one Christmas cookie this season. 
7. Have Friday movie night, the weeks leading up to Christmas with Christmas themed movies. Prepare a special snack for each night; hot chocolate with candy canes and whip cream, gingerbread cookies, carmel popcorn or cranberry juice and ginger ale. Great idea still, but its hard to get pre-teen and teen in same room at same time. So instead I added hot chocolate, candy canes and marshmallows to the coffee bar. 
8. Attend a community choral Christmas concert. Nope
9. Dedicate one evening to driving about the neighbourhood looking at the Christmas lights and decorations. Nope, poured rain and had to cancel.
10. Decorate a tree outside for the birds and wildlife; string popcorn, make suet bag with red ribbons, or peanut butter seed balls. Nope, no snow 
11. Do a winter activity together such as skating, snowshoeing, or a winter walk in the park. Bundled up, get some fresh air and return a few hours later to warm by the fire or under a soft, snuggly quilt. Hopefully, this week.
12 . Take the children shopping at a local craft fair where they can choose a Christmas ornament that they can sign and date and hang on the tree. Make this an annual tradition.
13. Sing Christmas songs together and teach your children the traditional Christmas carols. Took up piano and now I can play some Christmas tunes. One son plays percussion and the other trumpet. My dream of a family band is looking promising.
14. To reduce the after Christmas blues, purchase a white table top tree and name it the winter tree. After all the holiday decorations are put away put the tree up and have the children make snowflakes for the tree. Be sure to put lights on it to keep some of the holiday sparkle going into January and February. This is still a must. The year my oldest cried his eyes out after he came home from school and the tree was down I went out and purchased the winter tree. Now we do a winter theme right after Christmas.

Ipsy December Glam Review

 A little late in coming….but I really only want to talk about one product.


Lights Camera Lashes 4 in 1 mascara-In the sneak preview of this product I was reading great things on Ipsy Facebook page. I was expecting a lot from this product with all the excitement. I am happy to say it completely delivered. This is my new favorite mascara. I am kinda hoping my husband did not buy me the

Sephora Lash Stash for Christmas (that was on my wish list) because I purchased the larger size from Tarte Comestics of Lights Camera Lashes.  With the 20% discount and free 2 day shipping it cost me 20.16CAD. As promised it arrived FedX this morning just in time for Christmas.


 The only product that was just okay in my bag this month was the coolway hair conditioner.  Everything else was very good.