Christmas Wish List

I feel like a little kid, writing out my letter to Santa Clause. I will be sure to send a copy off to everyone on my Facebook friends list. LOL Just Kidding!

lash stash

Basically anything from Sephora would be awesome under the tree but since I love mascara this Lash Stash Favourites would be awesome.

sephora favorites

Another Sephora Favourites kit. I want it!!


With all this new makeup I need a new cosmetic mirror with the lights.


T-shirt bra from Victoria’s Secret. These bras are so so comfortable. I hand wash them because I want them to last as long as possible. They come in many colors and designs.


I love American Eagle. I love the comfortable style. I love their blog. No I can’t wear a lot of it but I do pick out pieces that I think I can get away with and these socks this winter are a must.


Fitbit. I think this will be my gift to myself. I am going to order with my airmiles points. I think I can get it free with 1100 airmiles.


I have yet to try this rave but this trio would be a great start.

Starbucks Merry Bright Cocoa Kit

Starbucks Merry & Bright Cocoa Kit ( please also include a can of whip cream, maybe we can share )


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