Victoria’s Secret Show 2014

I totally enjoyed watching the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night.

I actually felt like I was living through the models. Who hasn’t had a day dream of walking the runway? Those girls, they know how to walk! Nothing but pure confidence as they strut their assets.

I have to say I was pleasantly surprised to seem many of them looking very nervous just before taking the runway, you would never have guessed. I loved seeing them having such a great time dancing backstage. What an experience for them, an experience of a lifetime.

These models are beautiful with and without make-up. Trust me, I am under no disillusion, that the reality of it is, that it is all an illusion. But, come on they are a perfect 10. Now, as an adult I understand that their bodies are unattainable ( you are born with these genes)  for 99.9% of the general population and that young girls are measuring themselves against these anomalies and struggling with body issues and life threatening eating disorders.  There is nothing right about that.


Last night, when watching the show I thought to myself I could/would never be a Victoria’s Secret Model.  Why, you ask?  Oh, the reasons would be many; too short, too fat. But you know what? It didn’t bother me. I didn’t hate on myself. Instead, I was, WOW these girls are hot and they look awesome and probably only .1% ( or less, I am no stats expert) of the population could actually be a Victoria’s Secret Model, so good on them. It won’t ever be me but lucky gene pool for them.

Taylor Swift was awesome, as usual. I also kept my eyes open for the now infamous wing to the head and duck face by Ariana Grande.


Finally, what do you say about the costumes and wings beside AMAZING!

In the end, I am my husband’s Angel and that is enough for me.


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