Kick the Bucket My Anti-Bucket List

My top 5 I never want to.

SkyDive: Sure this would be an experience of a life time for anyone but me. The first time I was on a small Farris Wheel I honestly just about pissed my pants, I was 13. I have not been on one since. I get freaked out and want to sit down on an escalator that is too high. Some how, I am able to fly in an airplane but heights scare me, a lot.

Visit Asia: While I am sure it is an amazing place of sights, sounds and culture. I have never aspired to go there.

Ride in a Submarine: Like heights, the thought of being inclosed in a small space trapped underwater bring out another episode of fear factor.

Fly a Commercial Plane ( or any plane for that matter): This time is it not about the heights but about being completely responsible for a plane full of people. No thank you. A big shout out to pilots, your awesome!

Climb Mount Everest or any other really high peak: the preparation, the weather, the food in vacuumed packages, the lack of oxygen, need I say more…NO.

oh, this idea come from a daily blog post, it wasn’t mine.

Happy Sunday!


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