My favorite All Time Christmas Movie….. The Holiday


The Holiday (original release date December 2,  2006)  stars Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black. Many, many of the holiday movies out there are very cheesy and then some. This movie is about two women, Amanda played by Cameron and Iris played by Kate.  Both women are ending troubled relationships and to help them get over their breakups swap houses with each other over the Christmas Holidays. Cameron lives in LA and Kate in London. (Note: I may use the word perfect a lot)

Everything in this movie is perfectly designed.

Cameron is everything you would aspire to be beautiful, smart, sexy, successful, wealthy. She also wears some amazing clothes that fit the L.A and English Cottage scenes so perfectly.

h4       h7

The English Cottage is the perfect cozy, rustic, snowy cottage. The small near by village is quant and charming.


Jude Law is gorgeous in this movie and you keep wishing it was you he was kissing and falling in love with. His smile, his hair, his charm, his accent, all of it perfect. I know around the same time he was caught cheating with his kids babysitter but for the duration of this movie I put that he was a dog out of my mind. It’s all for the sake of the movie experience.


You fall even more in love with him when you meet his too beautiful daughters and go up to their room and lay in the magical, fairy-tale like tent they have made together as a family. The daughters are so sweet any women would fall in love with them immediately. To add to the heart ache, Jude’s, I am sure lovely, beautiful wife, the only woman he as ever loved has died.


Amanda is falling hard but her past is keeping her from completely opening herself up. I can so relate to her when she tries many unsuccessful attempts at crying. Finally, when the tears flow at the end you know she has had a break through and so does she as she races back over the snowy country side to her love in the rustic, cozy, perfect cottage and declares that she must have a  date for New Year’s.


Iris is British so of course I love her accent. She is a complete mess, in love with a man that doesn’t love her but knows just how to keep her from moving on and pawning after him. We can relate, I know I can.

Iris gets to move into Amanda’s L.A dream home and live the high life. While there she meets two men Black and an elderly screen writer. I have to say I am not a fan of Blank and my Iris deserved a Jude Law in this film but it wasn’t written to be. So, I have to do a little creative imagining in my head while watching that Black is the perfect guy for her.

The-Holiday-movie-Amandas-house      h3

The screen writer teacher her through film to grow a back bone and throw her toxic man to to the curb once and for all. Iris learns to let go, she discovers that she is an amazing women and she gets her sexy back.

I love the musical scores in this film.  What more can I say, this movie has it all for the Season. Stop watching Santa Baby with Jenny McCarthy and get some Holiday on!

Initial release: December 2, 2006 (USA)
Director: Nancy Meyers
Running time: 138 minutes
Music composed by: Hans Zimmer
Screenplay: Nancy Meyers


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