I swore I wasn’t going to shop today. It was suppose to be a day of relaxing,  laundry and organize gifts to see what I still needed to buy. But after a day of laundry,  getting the gifts organized, soaking in the hottub, taking a nice long shower, watching the Sextape ( the movie! not mine) and making grilled cheese sandwiches for supper. We decided to go to WALMART. Now, I really, really don’t like Walmart and will pay a few extra dollars just to avoid it. But, it was one of the only places open late and since it was already 9pm our choices were limited.

My mission was to complete the stocking stuffers. What happened? I spent 150.00, on I don’t even know what! The shelves were bare, there was no selection. I couldn’t even find a box of Pot of Gold chocolates. Somehow, this trip was a combination of essentials and stocking stuffers.  Mission: failed. I hate Walmart…there I said it!

Mission 2. Purchase 2 items at Future Shop before closing at 11pm. Mission accomplished. Mission failed when I get home and see one of the items I purchased is now on sale on line for 50% less than I just paid.  Missions fails miserably. I won’t go into all the details.

So, where am I?  STRESSING! I am running out of money ( my fault, I have gone overboard with the kids and I can’t stop shopping for make up) and I am running out of time! And now it is 1:00am and I am running out of steam.


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