Justin makes an apology


Bieber came out with a video apology today for all the shit that has been going down in his life for the last 2 years or so. True to form, the media was all over it, was this a real apology, did this mean he was over his bad boy days, was he sincere?  I don’t even particularly enjoy his music but he was born and raised in Canada and I have always thought him to be a kind-hearted, Canadian kid. Like any other celebrity the rise to fame is a high and the tear down brutal and if he/she survives the scars are deep. But make a sincere public apology and all is forgiven, well mostly.

Here is how I look at the Bieber situation. Have you ever read his twitter comments? Of course there are the adoring fans but there are thousands of haters and they are cruel. He gets hundreds of kill yourself, go kill yourself, kill yourself already, die, your gay and one I read today I am going to shoot you, and those are not the most disgusting ones I have read. I have seen his image photoshopped onto sexual images and posted to his social media accounts.

Any other teen ( I understand that he is almost 21 but this has been going on in his life for many years.) that was bombarded with those comments would be considered to be cyber bullied. And we take that very seriously,  don’t we? . I don’t believe it is any different for Bieber, he is cyber bullied relentlessly on social media. He is constantly ridiculed by late night shows, cartoons, rag magazines, entertainment shows etc.. In the words of Dr. Phil, “I don’t ask myself why I ask myself why not.”

Any teen I have read about that has been the on receiving end of brutal cyber bullying is in distress and emotional torment, often suicidal. We are losing teens to suicide way to frequently because of cyber-bulling. There is no way you can be subjected to all that and not be effected and in turn act out.

Bieber is no different then any typically developing teen despite his celebrity status. In fact, when you combine cyber bulling with celebrity life and living your teen years in the spotlight  he really has no where to hide. Of course he is going to make mistakes,  poor choices and stupid decisions but what teen doesn’t?Bieber gets called on them not only by his parents but by practically the entire world.

So, next time you hear someone or yourself  tearing him down remember he is a victim of unimaginable cyber bulling. “Haters gonna hate, hate hate” but victims are going to suffer endless emotional pain.


Winter Blue ooo ooo ooos

829d24cfWinter blues, seasonal depression I am feel like I am in the throws of it. It doesn’t help when I am counting down the days to end this job and begin a new one ( 5 months) . I am basically faking it just about everyday at work. It is exhausting putting on the front but I really don’t have a choice. I have to. I have worked to hard to establish a good reputation and I am good at what I do. Every once in a while I notice I slip up a bit and I feel like everyone notices. I am about 80% checked out and I am just going through the motions. I believe strongly in living an authentic and rich life and when I am not it is depressing. Work takes up a significant part of you day (life) and to not be inspired by what you are doing is a sad feeling, well is sucks. I have always said when you are doing something you love you never work a day in your life. That has pretty much been true up to this point. I think my unhappiness over my job is flowing into other parts of my life. I am living for the weekends and get depressed when Sunday comes. But I believe in living in the moment. I don’t believe in counting down days because to me it is rushing your life away. It is fun and exciting to look forward to an event but you enjoy the journey there. My job is not my whole life but Monday seems to roll around again so quickly. I am running out of steam and finding 5 days of work very challenging.

Having survived a major illness I can always have things come into focus very quickly and it doesn’t take long to change perspective. In the scope of life, you have your health and your family that is all the matters. I remember longing for normalcy. I pleaded for mundane. I pleaded for my life. My heart thanks God everyday.  I plan to live each day to its best and to its fullest. I know what is ultimately important and I know it is okay to want and ask for more.

Snow Day

Yesterday, we had our first snow day on the East Coast. It wasn’t so much a snow event as it was blowing snow, swirling, around and around. Besides the obvious of spending the day in my pjs. I delighted in the snow day by


banana bread with a little twist of pineapple and coconut and chocolate brownies



Of course I did all this while blasting


I am so into this right now and I finally downloaded the whole album off iTunes.

Then I did a Mad Men marathon. I am into season 3 now. It really is a love/hate relationship we are having.


And to end this wonderful day. My 11 year old had a kid fail and we then had a parent fail and then we were all miserable and I was kept awake feeling like a horrible parent and that is the end of that story. I couldn’t leave that out since it was part of the day and sadly, we can’t blame it on cabin fever.

Weekend Round UP

Ladies,  I have found the perfect way to get your man to shop with you and not complain once while doing it. I am sure if I had asked he would have paid for everything too. Want to know the secret? Plan your shopping trip right before you head to the Trade Show called The Sex Show. Why is he being so cooperative? Why did he agree to Home Sense so easily? Did he really just tell me to take my time? We picked out sheets, cheese graters  and oven mitts together. I am not sure we have ever done that. Married 19 years. I don’t even think we registered together when we got married. I think I did it with my mom. I picked out everything. I have to say I was very happy about it. {see honey, it doesn’t take too much to make me happy 🙂 }

This was our first time at the Sex Show and probably our last. It was a bit disappointing. Of course there were all kind of vendors with all kinds of lotions, toys, costumes. Thankful nothing to hard core. But it felt cheap. I am more of a Victoria Secret girl.  I could have gone to the local erotic store and had at the same experience. It wasn’t a complete lost, we purchased a few goodies.

I did snap a few shots.IMG_5379 IMG_5388

Afterwards we went to supper and the food was so good. I have found my new favourite drink. Pimm’s No 1 Cup. Such a refreshing and fresh drink.


And I had the most delicious buttered lobster, it was divine.


This turned out to be a great date night for us. And I think we found our new favourite place to eat.

Friday we attended the RV trade show. It was a fun time because we went with several other couples that we all camp with in the Spring, Summer and Fall. We ended the evening with pizza and drinks.

Ramblings: Where we at anyways…..

LJIZlzHgQ7WPSh5KVTCB_TypewriterDon’t you just hate being “frozen” from the dentist? I am sitting here practically drooling and not wanting to open my mouth for fear of biting off my cheek. I am barley talking, which I am sure everyone around here is enjoying the break from. No, I am not a chatter box but I like to give orders instructions.

At the beginning of January I created a list of things I was not moving on. Stuck, procrastination, busy, whatever you want to call it. This list was followed by a  self-trash session to a co-worker.

Here was the list…

1. Continue piano lessons.

2. Get back into Yoga.

3. New position at my job.

4. 10 course integrated study

5. Be more active.

Here is an excerpt from the self-trash session

“Hey how you doing?” And out of my mouth comes every negative thing swimming around in my head. “Well, let me just tell you how wonderful things are. I am completely unmotivated by my job, my course ( that I haven’t even started) and I don’t feel like exercising ( to which she glances down at my F#%! muffin top).” Where was the FILTER?! I just scored a 100% in Making Yourself Feel like Shit 101. Not to mention looks of “You poor thing. Gee, you really need to pull yourself together.”

No fear! Good news is here!

I quit piano. I’ve been going to yoga, I am keeping my fingers crossed my new position at my job is going to come through. I have started my course. AND I have lost 2 lbs.

So there is my check in and my post of accountability

And once again I am so glad Friday has rolled around again. We are heading to two trade shows. RV and The Sex Show.  There could be a really interesting post coming.

Still really frozen!

First Kiss

girl-flowersSomeone is this household has had his first kiss

with a girl,

 at a dance,

for about 7 seconds,


And how do I know this you ask? I  grilled him!

Of course in a most loving way. Okay, so he didn’t tell me.  But I do have loving one on one conversations with him ( okay, I grill him)

He told his Dad,

while in the car,

on a long drive to play hockey.

I just learned about it last night (Sunday) and it happened on Thursday.

I kind of suspected something when I asked him how the dance was and he replied “Fantastic!”

Fantastic, this is the first fantastic dance.

Dances have been good

and fun

but never FANTASTIC!.

When I picked him up I caught him leaping,

Yes,  literally leaping around his friends.

It is all coming together now.

BUT who does “she” think she is kissing my son! Yes, that was the first thought that came to my mind.

Her lips on his.

His lips on hers.

Those sweet little lips I kiss thousands of times. Those sweet little kisses have been mine. ( okay, he started refusing my kisses a few years back but still.) My boy, now growing into a young man that will be loved by another woman besides me someday.