New Years Eve Celebration


I had such a great time last night with my friends and family. Everything went so fast, I can’t believe it is all over already.

We stayed the evening at one of my most favourite local places. We had 2 cottages rented, one for the adults to party in and one for the children.  Luckily, most of our children are over 10 and are pretty much good on their own, they don’t need constant supervision.

We had the Tree House Cottage. It is very rustic and cozy but comfortable.

IMG_5203 IMG_5198 IMG_5200 IMG_5199

As planned I ate seafood and drank lots of champagne. I was so glad that I started to feel better in the evening because I was able to drinks lots of champagne.

IMG_5208 IMG_5206

One of my friends make New Years Eve Count Down Bags. Every hour the kids opened a bag that contained a game, treat, fortune, the last bag at 11:3o was the bag full of all the NYE party favours. It was lots of fun and a great way to have the kids check in every hour with the grown-ups.

Here is one of the activities in the bag.


Before midnight, we got a blazing outdoor fire going. It was bitterly cold here last night. A real contrast to the very mild November and December we have had. We all rang the New Year in shivering outside.


I didn’t want the evening to end. I stay up to watch the Ball drop in Times Square and slowly made my way to bed after everyone else. It was peaceful, quiet and warm with the glow of the wood stove.

This morning was sleeping in and getting cleaned up before we had to check out. Since we were very close to one of our iconic places. We decided to make a quick visit. It decided to snow!

IMG_5238 IMG_5243

I am sad it is over, but looking forward to lots more of these moments in 2015.

Happy New Year!

Thank you also to my first 31 followers!


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