Ramblings: Outta the mouths of….

It hasn’t been easy getting back to work this week. I am doing little side to side hip shakes that tomorrow is  HUMP DAY. I never use that phrase but it is so fitting this week. The tree is still up, the chocolates still in boxes ( half empty of course) and 3 bottles of wine in the fridge. I am caught in between the holidays and the New Years refresh.

So, I am in the staff room and another co-worker asks, “Hey how you doing?” And out of my  mouth comes every negative thing swimming around in my head. “Well, let me just tell you how wonderful things are. I am completely unmotivated by my job, my course ( that I haven’t even started) and I don’t feel like exercising ( to which she glances down at my F#%! muffin top).” Where was the FILTER?! I just scored a 100% in Making Yourself Feel like Shit 101. Not to mention looks of “You poor thing. Gee, you really need to pull yourself together.” ( The whole story about some of my co-workers is another rambling all in itself that I promise never to subject you to.)

What good could come of this? Well, I am not completely sure yet. But it has got me thinking GET YO HEAD OUT OF YO ASS and DON”T FORGET TO WASH YOUR FACE BEFORE BED and most importantly DO NOT TALK SMACK ABOUT YOURSELF. Yet, somehow I feel I just gave myself a direct wake up call.

Can I just buy some new makeup pretty please??


4 thoughts on “Ramblings: Outta the mouths of….

  1. cavellemartin says:

    Makeup makes everything better 🙂 Sometimes just wearing it can make you feel better. I try to wear it when I’m feeling depressed to help boost my mood. All the best in the New Year! 🙂

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