Dear Dream Reader


Dear Dream Reader,

I am so glad we found each other. I have been waiting since college to find another kindred spirit. I have been waiting for someone just like me that likes to dance in the park when she hears a great song, that loves to Glam up for the neighbours party, that loves to laugh her ass off and get drunk on icy drinks. Someone that likes to shop and have lunch on a Saturday afternoon, that complains about her kids and husband to boot. Someone that spends hours at the beach and surfs the waves with the kids. Someone who knows that life isn’t alway easy and that there will be times when we will feel sad and angry and times when we will be in despair. Someone that can rejoice in the happy times and comfort and understand the bad. Someone that shares in the ups and downs of this journey  called life. Who won’t once surrender to the box that they may try to be put in or conform to the false beliefs from others of what they should be or shouldn’t be doing because of their age.


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