Beauty Haul

Over the holidays,  I saw Drew Barrymore on a TV talk show program promoting her makeup line FLOWERS.  It has been recently release in Canada ( Fall 2014). There is no denying I have a girl crush on Drew Barrymore. She is one of the few celebs that seem real and just like us regular folks.


There was only one small problem. The line is exclusive to Walmart. If you recall I have a hate hate relationship with Walmart.  I had sometime in the city this week and headed over to Walmart to check it out. I beelined it right for the beauty section while trying not to look at the apples and produce that was in my path. I don’t know why the thought of buying groceries at Walmart is so challenging for me.

Any who. I found the line hanging on the little pegs all in one section. The packaging and branding did not speak to me which was a bit disappointing considering the website is done well and the packaging looks great on line.  I didn’t know where to start with the line and spent a while trying to decide what to buy first. I ended up purchasing the primer and a tinted moisturizer.  Drew has great looking skin so I thought let see if I can replicate that.

In your Prime Perfect Primer

A targeted primer that instantly resurfaces skin for a smoother and more even appearance
Apply to fine lines, large pores or rough spots for an immediate smoothing effect

My thoughts: it is a bit more liquid compared to POREfessional Benefit Cosmetics and therefore I find you use a bit more. It felt very nice when I used it on my hand but not as smooth on my face. I wonder if I was not using enough as with the other primers I have a little goes a long way. I am not sure this product does. Foundation, bronzers, blush seems to apply as normal over top.

Face the World Tinted Moisturizer

Anti-aging treatment in a nourishing, luminous foundation
Light, creamy texture instantly hydrates and smoothes
Velvety soft finish

My thoughts: as described it is light, creamy and does luminate and hydrate. I wouldn’t say my skin felt velvety soft but it felt hydrated.

I am interested in trying out some other products in the line because the price is right when you are looking for something new but are cash strapped to buy from your wish list at Sephora.

When in Rome I picked up a few other goodies.

Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo-loved this, worked really well

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer-this product seemed to make many top 2014 beauty products, it hasn’t disappointed, I am loving it.



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