January IPSY Bag Review


January is all about a Fresh Start! I couldn’t agree more IPSY.

This will be my 3rd IPSY bag. For the Canadian subscription we pay $10.00 plus 4.95 shipping.

 I wasn’t super excited about the sneak peak in my glam room but I was still looking forward to my bag. Honestly, this is a monthly gift to me and it gets me to the mailbox at least monthly and that makes the mail delivery guy happy too because he only has to cram one month of mail into my box and not two.

The makeup bag is cute I prefer the blue side to the white. On opening, I did a quick view and test. First impressions……


But I think I judge too quickly. While most of the bag is sample size the eyeliner HIKARI Eyeliner .25g Storm retails for $13.00 so that product alone just about covers the cost of the bag. And to my surprise I really liked the color. I have way to many browns and black pencils and this a nice change.

On doing some research on the products The Mojito lip balm 7g was getting great reviews. It’s a clear restorative lip balm, I am not doing twirls over the product but I also don’t have chap lips right now. I could be singing a different tune in a week or so.

The Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow 2.5g is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. How can you debate that?

The Manna Sheer glo sample size is my least favourite product. The website is uneventful and so is the product.

The eco-beauty good day. day moisturizer 15g  is also getting great reviews. It is a very smooth, non-greasy moisturizer. It is close to putting on a primer. I really like this sample. I can probably get about 5-6 uses as a little is going to go a long way and I tend to use only as much as needed for face moisturizer because of my combination skin.

It seems my first impressions were not quite accurate. Is it the most exciting bag? No, but it is a good bag. 4 out of 5 is a good return.

How was your bag this month?


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