Ramblings: Where we at anyways…..

LJIZlzHgQ7WPSh5KVTCB_TypewriterDon’t you just hate being “frozen” from the dentist? I am sitting here practically drooling and not wanting to open my mouth for fear of biting off my cheek. I am barley talking, which I am sure everyone around here is enjoying the break from. No, I am not a chatter box but I like to give orders instructions.

At the beginning of January I created a list of things I was not moving on. Stuck, procrastination, busy, whatever you want to call it. This list was followed by a  self-trash session to a co-worker.

Here was the list…

1. Continue piano lessons.

2. Get back into Yoga.

3. New position at my job.

4. 10 course integrated study

5. Be more active.

Here is an excerpt from the self-trash session

“Hey how you doing?” And out of my mouth comes every negative thing swimming around in my head. “Well, let me just tell you how wonderful things are. I am completely unmotivated by my job, my course ( that I haven’t even started) and I don’t feel like exercising ( to which she glances down at my F#%! muffin top).” Where was the FILTER?! I just scored a 100% in Making Yourself Feel like Shit 101. Not to mention looks of “You poor thing. Gee, you really need to pull yourself together.”

No fear! Good news is here!

I quit piano. I’ve been going to yoga, I am keeping my fingers crossed my new position at my job is going to come through. I have started my course. AND I have lost 2 lbs.

So there is my check in and my post of accountability

And once again I am so glad Friday has rolled around again. We are heading to two trade shows. RV and The Sex Show.  There could be a really interesting post coming.

Still really frozen!


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