Weekend Round UP

Ladies,  I have found the perfect way to get your man to shop with you and not complain once while doing it. I am sure if I had asked he would have paid for everything too. Want to know the secret? Plan your shopping trip right before you head to the Trade Show called The Sex Show. Why is he being so cooperative? Why did he agree to Home Sense so easily? Did he really just tell me to take my time? We picked out sheets, cheese graters  and oven mitts together. I am not sure we have ever done that. Married 19 years. I don’t even think we registered together when we got married. I think I did it with my mom. I picked out everything. I have to say I was very happy about it. {see honey, it doesn’t take too much to make me happy 🙂 }

This was our first time at the Sex Show and probably our last. It was a bit disappointing. Of course there were all kind of vendors with all kinds of lotions, toys, costumes. Thankful nothing to hard core. But it felt cheap. I am more of a Victoria Secret girl.  I could have gone to the local erotic store and had at the same experience. It wasn’t a complete lost, we purchased a few goodies.

I did snap a few shots.IMG_5379 IMG_5388

Afterwards we went to supper and the food was so good. I have found my new favourite drink. Pimm’s No 1 Cup. Such a refreshing and fresh drink.


And I had the most delicious buttered lobster, it was divine.


This turned out to be a great date night for us. And I think we found our new favourite place to eat.

Friday we attended the RV trade show. It was a fun time because we went with several other couples that we all camp with in the Spring, Summer and Fall. We ended the evening with pizza and drinks.


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