Snow Day

Yesterday, we had our first snow day on the East Coast. It wasn’t so much a snow event as it was blowing snow, swirling, around and around. Besides the obvious of spending the day in my pjs. I delighted in the snow day by


banana bread with a little twist of pineapple and coconut and chocolate brownies



Of course I did all this while blasting


I am so into this right now and I finally downloaded the whole album off iTunes.

Then I did a Mad Men marathon. I am into season 3 now. It really is a love/hate relationship we are having.


And to end this wonderful day. My 11 year old had a kid fail and we then had a parent fail and then we were all miserable and I was kept awake feeling like a horrible parent and that is the end of that story. I couldn’t leave that out since it was part of the day and sadly, we can’t blame it on cabin fever.


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