Reno Before Photos

Here’s the plan. This is a basement reno since the main floor of the house has been done, in fact I think we are coming back around to the main floor cause the mental list is growing. Anyways, that is for another time. I should also say that we have hired someone to do this work and it is only going to be a small DIY project for us (painting, some design, decorating).

okay, the plan

We are taking out the existing “kids” tv/game room and turning it into a bedroom for my oldest son. His current bedroom is very small and has no closet. The window in the picture is where our home use to end before we put on an addition about 6 years ago.


The extension we put on was for a master bedroom suite (main level) and we never finished the basement portion of the addition. We have just used it for storage and for the kids to play hockey in. Now we are going to turn it into a large family room.

IMG_5462 IMG_5464

We are re-doing the bathroom because if I am going to be spending time in this new family room I need to have access to a nice washroom and so do the guests.


Alright-y, here we go. Good thoughts! Happy thoughts!


Renovation #… who am I kidding I’ve lost count.

IMG_5467We are at it again….. home renovations. When you buy a 40 year old home it becomes almost part of the norm.

What I have learned about renovating on a real budget

1. Your not going to get everything you want, you may get about half of what you want (maybe).

2. Your end product is not going to be the centre spread of a designer magazine.

3. You have to make purchases on what you can afford. If you want to splurge on an item your are going to have to reduce on  another.

4. You will be sticker shocked at the cost of trades and wonder why the hell you didn’t go to school for plumbing or electrical.

5.  Unexpected costs will come up, you can count on this.

6. You will go over budget.

7. No matter how well you think you plan and have it all organized there will be delays.

8. No matter how well you think you plan and have it all organized you will be stressed.

9. It will take up to a year or more to have it decorated the way you would like. Since your budget is blown you have to buy one-two home decor pieces at a time.

10. You will have a nicely renovated space that you can enjoy with your family and friends.


QDSMoAMTYaZoXpcwBjsL__DSC0104-1Circa Aug 2010

I wrote this Aug 2010. I have come along way. 

In the last several weeks I have discovered how much of a perfectionist I am and how it is making me very unhappy. I have always thought I am just an ungrateful person that doesn’t appreciate all the blessing that I have. But I now know that is not true and that the problem is my expectations are extremely high and I get frustrated, irritable and disappointed when things don’t go the way I think they “should”. The way I think things “should” be are of standards that I or others can’t meet. I am using a book When Perfect Isn’t Good Enough to help me learn more about perfectionism. I made up this perfectionism diary to help me track patterns, thoughts and behaviors. It may be helpful to others.You basically fill in and check off thoughts and behaviors that you are engaging in.

Perfectionism Diary
Date: Time:

Person(s) Involved
Activity: cleaning, work, art/music, housework, organizing things, relationships, small decisions, eating, sports/fitness, grooming/washing, driving, other______________________.
Intensity 0-100 (0 no problem-100 very much a problem)
Perfectionistic Thoughts
_all or nothing thinking and excessively high standards
_filtering (magnify negative details at the expense of positive information)
_mind reading
_probability Overestimations (tendency to predict that negative events are more likely to occur than they really are.)
_tunnel vision (pay too much attention to detail and therefore miss the big picture.)
_interpersonal sensitivity (overly concerned about the opinions of others, extreme need for approval)
_catastrophic thinking (assuming that one could not cope with negative outcomes if they were to occur.)
_excessively rigid standards and inflexibility.
_over-responsibility and an excessive need for control (over responsibility for events that in reality can be controlled.)
_should statements
_difficulty trusting others (trust others to complete tasks, difficulty delegating)
_Inappropriate social comparisons (comparing self to others)
Perfectionistic Behaviors
_overcompensating (overdoing some behaviour to make sure absolute sure everything is just right.)
_Excessive checking and reassurance seeking
_repeating and correcting (one’s actions or another’s)
_excessive organizing and list making
_difficulty making decisions
_not knowing when to quit (work on a task to long, interferes with ability to complete task)
_giving up too soon
_excessive slowness
_failure to delegate
_avoidance (avoid situations in which one feels compelled to meet impossible standards set on self)
_attempts to change the behaviour of others

Antony, M., Swinson, R. (2009) When Perfect Isn’t Good Enough Second Edition, New Harbinger Publications, Inc. Oakland, CA.

You are what you eat? Not really

You think it would be easy to figure out your body shape.

Pick a fruit or vegetable

That’s right stand in front of the mirror and decided if your body is more of an apple, a pear, a banana or a potato. Simple.

apple banana pear potato

Having difficulties?

Okay, try picking a shape instead. Do the same thing stand in front of the mirror, get naked if you wish and decide circle, hourglass, rectangle or triangle.

Circle hourglass rectangle triangle

I didn’t find it that easy either. I was always flopping between apple and hourglass, secretly hoping for hourglass but knowing that just couldn’t be with my thick waist.  So I finally got the measuring tape out and did my body measurements. Measured bust, smallest part of waist, hips and the distance from hips to waist. Drum roll…… it appears I am a banana or rectangle. Interesting. I am a 5’2 banana/rectangle.

Here is how I know this.

If my bust and hips are close in size and my waist is smaller ( waist is 1 to 8 inches smaller then bust) but not a lot smaller then my hips. I am rectangle, a banana, a ruler. My celebrity body is Cameron Diaz. BAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

Let’s clarify, You can be a slim short ruler or a plus size tall ruler. You can have a small bust or large bust.


I have to say I am glad I am not an apple, that means my waist would be the same size or larger then hips/bust. However, I have a thick middle. I have only ever once in my life had a small waist and that is when I was controlling my food and counting ever gram of fat that went into my body I was about 22 years old. Even then I still didn’t like my tummy. I have never liked my tummy. EVER!

Okay, now that we have all that established. Why it this suddenly so important to me?

I am trying to love this body and my thick waist too. I really don’t think it is going anywhere. Actually, I am pretty sure its not. No, its not.  So while I continue to try my best to increase my exercise I also need to learn how to dress banana body so I can look and feel my best.

Stay tuned for dressing this banana body.

Benefit Cosmetics

On the weekend I had a makeup application done with a Benefit Cosmetic Representative. This service was being offered at Shoppers Drug Mart. This Shoppers had a section called Beauty Boutique and was separated from the rest of the store. )Please note not all Shoppers Drug Stores have the Beauty Boutique.  While waiting for my appointment time I had a chance to look around. I didn’t realize how many higher end brands of make up that Shoppers was carrying. The Beauty Boutique was very well designed and I really enjoyed the shopping experience.

This was  great opportunity to try out lots of products before purchasing. I was thinking I should take advantage of these “makeover” offers more often. Since I feel more educated on beauty products then ever before ( thanks to all you beauty bloggers) I don’t feel pressured to purchased products that I don’t need, want or simply are not that great.

I did end up purchasing two products and with purchased received a cute benefit cosmetic case and two free samples.

I purchased Big Easy Foundation and Gimme Brow.


The Big Easy is a cream to powder foundation with an SPF 35. I love a foundation with an SPF! This foundation is considered a BB cream and is medium coverage. It really does feel fantastic on your skin, very silky. You can build this foundation up as needed and does a good job of covering redness on your skin. I have been using it with poreprofessional primer. I do really like this product I just wish it had more lasting power. Unless, I pack on a foundation mask I rarely seem to get a full work day out of my foundation. The shade is 002 light.



It looks light on my hand but it blends/adjusts to my skin tone. When I got home and tried it here I was thinking she really didn’t pick the right shade for me but after blending, it adjusted well.


I am becoming obsessed with the perfectly shaped brow. I was really happy with Gimme Brow because it filled in your brows but very naturally. I absolutely love this product. Not only does it fill in the brows but also holds them in place. Now, you can’t draw on brows or create an arch with this product, it covers/coats the brows you have. AND it has staying power!


I didn’t love everything she tried on me. The fake up concealer did not compare to Maybelline Instant Age Rewind.

Well that was fun!


79f023f1Raging, crashing sea

 incoming tide

sailing, floating being pushed along

summersaults, cartwheels

crashing at the shore


unable to move



drifting again in the sea



calmly in and out

breathing in

breathing out

then terror



time passes