February Goals


I never thought before to make small monthly goals. This might be a great solution to my procrastination. Since this is my first monthly goal list I will try to keep it simple and manageable.

  1. I have 15 modules in each of my courses. I hope to complete 5 of the modules by the end of February. I have decided to not continue with this course but will proceed with another master degree instead.
  2. Add an additional protein each day to my diet.  I did improve in this and would say accomplished
  3. Increase my steps to 7000 2 days per week.  Yes! 
  4. Host a birthday celebration for my husbands birthday. check
  5. Valentine’s Gifts for Hubs and my kiddos check
  6. Buy 2-3 pairs of new pants ( pant shopping is not a great experience for me and I really need some new ones) check but carry forward to March 
  7. Re-arrange a few items in my kitchen cupboards. check
  8. Plant some some new seeds my Let Love Grow Project seems to have failed. check
  9. Go to yoga Yes!
  10. Get a pedicure, it’s winter but it is so long over due. No 😦 The weather has been horrible, terrible, very bad weather. 

Alright, here we go February.


4 thoughts on “February Goals

  1. coffeennotes says:

    Loved your new goal for this month. Very attainable I think and very inspiring as well.
    Some goals are very close to heart, lol. I must find a good pair of pants and do more yoga, I haven’t been doing much workout since I wen full writing mode 😉 But I need to try and do some.
    Thank you so much for this great post 🙂


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