How to throw a simple but elegant Birthday

In another life I would be a party planner. I love organizing parties. This weekend we are celebrating hubs birthday.  Sunday we are having the family over for what I called Birthday Cake Sunday. This clearly lets everyone know I am not cooking a four course meal but having birthday cake only.  You only need a few simple things to make this Birthday Cake Sunday easy, yet elegant. Here is how….

Of course you need the cake. Since you are only serving cake you can splurge if purchasing or go all out with baking one. Choose a real bakery that is known for its amazing desserts.


Serve that cake with your most beautiful dishes and silver. I am not kidding haul it out. Somehow it will make that cake even better.bc29459726b64c825a89e6b3dce7f85a 442bfdc1fb64da127cb41fa570453dd4

Also purchase the prettiest napkins you can find. They will act as decoration on the cake table.


Have a signature drink to serve.


Add a clean house and a few candles and Happy Celebrating!


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