Battling the beauty break out

One of my recent new beauty products is causing some not so pleasant breakouts. I think I know the culprit  and it will be taking a trip to the trash as soon as I confirm.  So this week it has been full on combat,  me against the pimple (s).   This needs to clear up ASAP. One it is Valentine’s weekend and two I have a beauty make up application with Benefit Cosmetics on Saturday and I want to talk about make up and not my skin.
I am 41 breakouts should be long long gone and for the most part they are. Except when I am

a. stressed

b. have used a  new beauty or hair product

Hair line and cheek pimples..are the worse… worst? .


I have a favourite. My  reliable, best friend  during these times of need.
Deep Purifying Cleansing Gel Normaderm by VICHY!!!!! Can you say GOD SEND!  Faithfully wash your face 2 times a day and it should take days  (5-6) to get your skin cleared up. Of course, everything works different for everyone but this little green beauty works for me.



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