Weekend Round UP

Wow! What a weekend and I am not kidding.

Friday we ALL when out for dinner at a great steakhouse. It is the type of place you really only get to once a year cause you can’t really afford to make it a regular event. Pretty much the only time I ever eat steak (I don’t eat beef) is when I go here. It is a steakhouse so it has the best cuts and done to perfection. We had the boys with us and the youngest was  pretty hyped up (and I was having a migraine) so I immediately ordered a cucumber mint martini and loaded my steak with horseradish ( LOL,okay maybe not load).

Hubs gave me my Vday present when we got home just before retiring for the evening. My head was encased in an invisible vise. Which I think was attributed to the weather system moving in. I took a muscle relaxer and pretty much passed out.

BUT before passing out we learned that our police force had arrested 4 people that were planning to do a massive shooting at a public event on Saturday. I am not kidding. This is very scary. We are not a big city. I can’t even imagine what this would have done to us. This city is generally very safe and an amazing place to live. We learned Saturday night it was planned for a shopping mall. I was going to go to that mall on Saturday.

On to more happy things!

These Victoria Secret pj’s hubs purchased for Valentine’s day are amazing! I had medical induce menopause at 30 and my body temperature has never been the same. These are light weight, nearly 100% cotton and very comfortable. Perfect for sleeping in. I will need to get another pair.


He also added a Sephora gift card! I have so many items on my wish list right now.

Saturday, I went into the city for my Benefit Cosmetic Makeup Application. It was a fun experience.  I learned a lot more about their products. I purchased 2 items which I will post about later. I was going to post a pic but the effects of the migraine were really evident on my face and I wasn’t going there.

Saturday evening we hosted my oldest son and his girlfriend ( yes, that’s  right, it is official).  I got to spend about 2 hours with her while we watched my son play hockey. She is a very sweet girl. She made him the deck of cards, 52 reasons why I love you. Yes, I read them. She listed everything I love about him on the cards. I couldn’t believe how well she knew him. It made me realize when someone loves him like you do, it is not all bad having another love/women in his life. Of course, this is just a teen romance and I am sure there will be lots of dates, girlfriends and heart breaks but it might not be as bad as I thought. Assuming I like them all. I told him I would have to be besties with all his girlfriends. You should have seen the look. I am so proud of the young man be is becoming.

We all had ice-cream cake


Today, Sunday we have been hit with another Winter Blizzard.

IMG_5420 IMG_5423 IMG_5424 IMG_5425 Storm ChipsIMG_5426Flooding in the city


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