Benefit Cosmetics

On the weekend I had a makeup application done with a Benefit Cosmetic Representative. This service was being offered at Shoppers Drug Mart. This Shoppers had a section called Beauty Boutique and was separated from the rest of the store. )Please note not all Shoppers Drug Stores have the Beauty Boutique.  While waiting for my appointment time I had a chance to look around. I didn’t realize how many higher end brands of make up that Shoppers was carrying. The Beauty Boutique was very well designed and I really enjoyed the shopping experience.

This was  great opportunity to try out lots of products before purchasing. I was thinking I should take advantage of these “makeover” offers more often. Since I feel more educated on beauty products then ever before ( thanks to all you beauty bloggers) I don’t feel pressured to purchased products that I don’t need, want or simply are not that great.

I did end up purchasing two products and with purchased received a cute benefit cosmetic case and two free samples.

I purchased Big Easy Foundation and Gimme Brow.


The Big Easy is a cream to powder foundation with an SPF 35. I love a foundation with an SPF! This foundation is considered a BB cream and is medium coverage. It really does feel fantastic on your skin, very silky. You can build this foundation up as needed and does a good job of covering redness on your skin. I have been using it with poreprofessional primer. I do really like this product I just wish it had more lasting power. Unless, I pack on a foundation mask I rarely seem to get a full work day out of my foundation. The shade is 002 light.



It looks light on my hand but it blends/adjusts to my skin tone. When I got home and tried it here I was thinking she really didn’t pick the right shade for me but after blending, it adjusted well.


I am becoming obsessed with the perfectly shaped brow. I was really happy with Gimme Brow because it filled in your brows but very naturally. I absolutely love this product. Not only does it fill in the brows but also holds them in place. Now, you can’t draw on brows or create an arch with this product, it covers/coats the brows you have. AND it has staying power!


I didn’t love everything she tried on me. The fake up concealer did not compare to Maybelline Instant Age Rewind.

Well that was fun!


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