You are what you eat? Not really

You think it would be easy to figure out your body shape.

Pick a fruit or vegetable

That’s right stand in front of the mirror and decided if your body is more of an apple, a pear, a banana or a potato. Simple.

apple banana pear potato

Having difficulties?

Okay, try picking a shape instead. Do the same thing stand in front of the mirror, get naked if you wish and decide circle, hourglass, rectangle or triangle.

Circle hourglass rectangle triangle

I didn’t find it that easy either. I was always flopping between apple and hourglass, secretly hoping for hourglass but knowing that just couldn’t be with my thick waist.  So I finally got the measuring tape out and did my body measurements. Measured bust, smallest part of waist, hips and the distance from hips to waist. Drum roll…… it appears I am a banana or rectangle. Interesting. I am a 5’2 banana/rectangle.

Here is how I know this.

If my bust and hips are close in size and my waist is smaller ( waist is 1 to 8 inches smaller then bust) but not a lot smaller then my hips. I am rectangle, a banana, a ruler. My celebrity body is Cameron Diaz. BAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

Let’s clarify, You can be a slim short ruler or a plus size tall ruler. You can have a small bust or large bust.


I have to say I am glad I am not an apple, that means my waist would be the same size or larger then hips/bust. However, I have a thick middle. I have only ever once in my life had a small waist and that is when I was controlling my food and counting ever gram of fat that went into my body I was about 22 years old. Even then I still didn’t like my tummy. I have never liked my tummy. EVER!

Okay, now that we have all that established. Why it this suddenly so important to me?

I am trying to love this body and my thick waist too. I really don’t think it is going anywhere. Actually, I am pretty sure its not. No, its not.  So while I continue to try my best to increase my exercise I also need to learn how to dress banana body so I can look and feel my best.

Stay tuned for dressing this banana body.


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