Reno Before Photos

Here’s the plan. This is a basement reno since the main floor of the house has been done, in fact I think we are coming back around to the main floor cause the mental list is growing. Anyways, that is for another time. I should also say that we have hired someone to do this work and it is only going to be a small DIY project for us (painting, some design, decorating).

okay, the plan

We are taking out the existing “kids” tv/game room and turning it into a bedroom for my oldest son. His current bedroom is very small and has no closet. The window in the picture is where our home use to end before we put on an addition about 6 years ago.


The extension we put on was for a master bedroom suite (main level) and we never finished the basement portion of the addition. We have just used it for storage and for the kids to play hockey in. Now we are going to turn it into a large family room.

IMG_5462 IMG_5464

We are re-doing the bathroom because if I am going to be spending time in this new family room I need to have access to a nice washroom and so do the guests.


Alright-y, here we go. Good thoughts! Happy thoughts!


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