March Goals….In like a Lion out Like a Lamb


Welcome March

I am so happy you have arrived.

March is like the turning point to a miserable Winter and it brings you hope that Winter will end and Spring will arrive. Spring might not arrive until June but it will arrive. In 8 days we welcome Daylight Savings and we will leap forward an hour to more sunshine and longer days. Bring it on

March Goals

1. Change up winter decor to spring/easter Yes

2. Get more walks outside No, the weather has just been to miserable

3. Plant lavender seeds No, I still have not done this

4. Clean out fridge ( did i just commit to that UGGG) sort of but it needs a really good clean

5. Exercise while watching Bold and the Beautiful nope

6. Clean out mail basket ( another task I avoid) nope, didn’t do this either

7. Get pedicure nope, but still in desperate need

8. Have a great Spring Break YES!!! This did happen 3 great nights at the beach

9. Renos, renos, and renos Yes, and this is what has been taking up all my time this month, so I will give myself a break for not accomplishing many of my goals.  

10. Do a 5 minute closet purge.

February Goal Recap

I have 15 modules in each of my courses. I hope to complete 5 of the modules by the end of February. I have decided to not continue with this course but will proceed with another master degree instead.
Add an additional protein each day to my diet. I did improve in this and would say accomplished
Increase my steps to 7000 2 days per week. Yes!
Host a birthday celebration for my husbands birthday. check
Valentine’s Gifts for Hubs and my kiddos check
Buy 2-3 pairs of new pants ( pant shopping is not a great experience for me and I really need some new ones) check but carry forward to March
Re-arrange a few items in my kitchen cupboards. check
Plant some some new seeds my Let Love Grow Project seems to have failed. check
Go to yoga Yes!
Get a pedicure, it’s winter but it is so long over due. No 😦 The weather has been horrible, terrible, very bad weather.


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