You made my day!

It has been almost four days since I have opened my blog. Out of what seemed like nowhere I got strep throat with my symptoms starting Tuesday evening. Not feeling well brings up many unpleasant thoughts and memories for me. I was relieved when the clinic called to confirm strep but was frustrated that I wasn’t instantly feeling better with the medication they gave me. Here is when I have OCD tendencies, checking and rechecking my temperature about 4 times an hour.  I am still recovering, it is day 4 and I have moved to the coach to watch TV and use my computer!  How happy I was when I opened up my blog and I hit the 100 follow milestone! Today, I am going to pound liquids and food into me to get my strength back and catch up on all your lovely posts. Oh, one last thing…Can you believe my husband can not find a McDonald’s that is serving milkshakes. Can you believe that? They are not just for Summer. They can help sick people. When I was doing chemo there was one week in each round when the only thing I could consume was chocolate milk shakes from McDonald’s. You know it was hard for me to just write that last sentence and a time when I wouldn’t have even been able to. In fact, I am kind of surprised I can even drink  McDonald’s milkshakes ( association and all that jazz) but they really do make a throat that feels on fire better and your getting some energy for you body.


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