Why I must find positive in 13.

Unknown 1We all know about the reputation of the number 13 but I for one can not dwell on hundreds of years of superstitions. I live in a house that address is 13 we must get along, we need to be best friends. I can’t let the number nag at me. I will admit that I can’t set the TV volume on 13 it can be 12 or 14 but not 13, even if 13 is the perfect volume. I must challenge that this weekend. For all other, here is why 13 is fabulous.

1. 13 is the beginning to your teens and we know how much fun the teen years can be. It is at 13 that you really start to come into yourself and the journey of learning about yourself begins.

2. 13 is a bakers dozen. Why have 12 cookies or donuts when you can have 13? The more the merrier.

3. First Corinthians 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love. That one speaks for itself.

4.My birthday is on the 14th just one day after 13th.

5. It is Taylor Swift’s lucky number and her birthday is December 13. I’d say her lucky number has served her well.

6. Zeus was the 13th and MOST powerful Greek God. Thus 13 represents incorruptible nature, power and purity.

7. Each side in rugby has 13 players. What a sport!

8. The number 13 is lucky for Italians. What an amazing place and culture I so want to visit there.

9.Some aboriginal tribes defined the year into 13 moons and the back of a turtle has 13 large segments which represent each moon. I love when science works!

10. Not all sets are 12. Take this one for example Cuisinart 13 Piece Set. One of many sets I am sure.

11. I for one have never believed in any Friday the 13th movies. I am not even sure I have ever watched one.

12. There are countless songs, books, movies and one store I know of called Lucky 13. They have all LUCKILY been published, produced, directed, read, sang, shopped.

13. And finally I was able to come up with a list of 13 things as to why 13 Is fabulous and not be feared. CRANK UP THE VOLUME.


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