Avon Lipstick Deal

A few weeks back Avon had a deal I couldn’t pass up; buy 5 lipsticks for $20.00. This was a perfect opportunity to get a lot of spring lip colors  for a cheap price. I have been trying out all the shades for about 2 weeks now.  The lipsticks are moisturizing and have fair to good staying power.


Left to Right

1. Ultra Color Absolute -Tea Rose

2. Ultra Color Absolute -Ripe Rose

3. Ultra Color Absolute-Caring Coral

4. Ultra Color-Sheer Nectar

5. Ultra Color-Silky Peach


Top to bottom

1. Ultra Color-Silky Peach

2. Ultra Color-Sheer Nectar

3.Ultra Color Absolute-Caring Coral

4. Ultra Color Absolute -Ripe Rose

5.Ultra Color Absolute -Tea Rose


Liebster Award

Unknown 55

It is always very exciting when you get acknowledge by other bloggers and I am happy to write today about a nomination for the Liebster Award by Hector over at Geek Q.  Hector has the fashion wisdom I wish I had. You can see his great fashions and read about his travels over at his blog Geek Q!

As part of the nomination I answer questions Hector has selected for me and then nominate other blogs and make up questions for them to answer.

Here are my answers….

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Sometimes I turn on the radio to listen to local news, sometimes I check my phone but mostly I  get up and use the bathroom

( how exciting!!!)

What is your favorite cuisine?

It is a tie between Mexican and Italian
What is your favorite movie?

My Best Friends Wedding and The Holiday
What inspired you to create your blog?

I wanted to write about things I love.
When was the first time you visited the sea?

Probably as an infant. We live in a coastal province.
Ice cream: vanilla, chocolate, or something else?

something else.. i like the ones that have it all chocolate, caramel, marshmallow….
If you could live the life of a famous person for a day, who would you be? What would you do?

Kate Middleton. I would wear all her clothes and spend a day following her royal visit schedule. Runner up: Demi Lovato. I would sing my heart out on stage.
What new language would you like to learn.


Here are my questions for my nominees

1. Describe your perfect Sunday in four words?

2. What is your decorating style?

3. What is the most expensive piece of clothing you have ever purchased?

4. How many pairs of shoes do you have?

5. What is your favourite type of pillow ( water, memory foam, down etc..)

6. What is your favourite childhood book?

7. What is on your bathroom counter RIGHT NOW?

8. Name 2 programs you have DVRed but have not watched yet.

I nominate YOU!!!! I would love to read your answers to my questions. Follow the “rules” and be sure to link your post below in the comment section. I can’t wait to read about your most expensive clothing item.

Weekend Hike

Today’s hike was just hubs and I who’s name I should tell you is Chris. We went for a shorter hike today in a more urban area. It was along a river that has been under restoration for the last few years and is making good progress.  This river does flood its banks in some areas thankfully no homes are at risk. With the melting snow and Spring rain showers the river was high and flowing fast.


IMG_5659IMG_5657 IMG_5656

Product Review NYX Finishing Sprays


I don’t know what is it about the work I do but I never seem to get my makeup to last a full work day. I use primer and good foundation but I take a peek in the mirror half way through the day and my makeup seems pretty much gone. I have no time to reapply makeup at work. After spending a good 20 minutes on my make-up in the mornings I want it to last.

I recently picked up NYX finishing sprays in matte and dewy. Each bottle is 60 ml. Directions say to hold the bottle 8-10 inches from face and spray. The formula sprays out of the bottle well allowing for full coverage of your face. The drying time is fairly quick and does not run your mascara ( I have had that happen before). The matte does provide a matt finish and the dewy does give you a dewy finish. I was impressed that my skin actually looked dewy with that formula. However, the dewy effect did not last all day. I would say about 2 hours for me. As we know everyone’s skin is different and products perform differently for individuals.

The Verdict: I would say my make-up lasted slightly longer using the finishing spray for a normal 7 hour work day. I was expecting my foundation and blush to last longer but I could see some of the redness in my skin coming through mid-day when I checked in the mirror.  I did like both formulas in they finished as stated matte or dewy.

One evening, I went out for a dance and of course did my make-up and used the matte finishing spray. After four hours of dancing. I returned home and had a lot of make-up left on. I know this by how much time I spent removing it before bed.  This changed my perspective slightly about the products overall performance.

This leaves me to wonder if I am doing something at work that is causing my make-up to not last as long. Maybe I am touching and rubbing my face. Maybe I apply less make-up when I am getting ready for work and don’t realize how much less foundation and blush I use.

How do you get a full 7-8 hours out of your make-up? What finishing sprays have you had success with? Have you had the opportunity to try NYX finishing sprays?

Beach Shore Hike

Hiking really is the perfect way to spend time. I was lucky to get on another beach hike this weekend and hubs came with me so I was much more relaxed. The views were amazing, the air salty and rocking hoping was on the menu. Despite the harsh winters we can have here, this is why i live here.


Pathetic Poetry Challenge 2 of 8

Could’t resist taking part in this challenge!

I Refuse To Follow Your Blog

Our second of eight submissions for the pathetic poetry challenge comes to us from Barb over at Lavender, Life and Everything Nice.   <— click here to go to her site.

Take a few minutes to visit her blog page.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading her posts as much as I do!

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You reap
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