Blowing out Eggs

photo-1414048512375-319531a5895fSince I have a barking cold I was feeling disappointed because there was no way I could blow out eggs for decorating and use the eggs to make a quiche. “Here have some germ infested quiche sure to give you an evening of hacking.” I hate the thought of wasting all those eggs. But my head must he clearing because I decided to Google Search “how to blow out eggs without using your mouth” and what do you know I found a way. How could I ever doubt Google?  The solution use a baby rubber ear syringe. ( give it a good boil in water)  I think I can get one of these at the drug store. I have been blowing eggs out for years and I also just learned to stir the yoke before trying to blow it out, stirring breaks the yoke and makes it come out easier. Sometimes it is the small things! How to Blow Out Eggs-Modern Mom


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