The weekend is over! OVER! and I want a do over. I was sick all weekend long with a terrible barking painful cough. I had strep throat just 3 weeks ago! I feel like a complainer and that I should ask for forgiveness for every time I have told my husband he has a man cold. ( insert cancer disclaimer here because i just have to-I know that I could have worse health problems and I am so grateful that I don’t.)

I started feeling unwell on Tuesday and came home from work and went right to bed. I was going to get ahead of this one. I pushed through work to Thursday and was feeling like I was doing all the things to have a good weekend. BUT Friday stared with a very bad cough. We were invited to a party Friday and I went and stayed for a short time because I couldn’t talk without coughing. Saturday we had family for supper and I pushed myself through the afternoon and early evening. Crashing as soon as they left. I didn’t even put the boys Easter baskets out on Saturday night. They didn’t have anything when they woke up. Later in the morning, my husband put the baskets together after my dear youngest waited as long as he could.

To top it all off my oldest was in his last hockey tournament of the year so I also forced myself to attend as many games as I could. They made it to the finals on Sunday afternoon. Thank God the arena had a warm room that I was able to stay in and watch the championship game. They finished silver! I am super proud of him and his accomplishments with his chosen sport. He is so much fun to watch. He plays goalie.

I went to the clinic today just to make sure this cough was not developing into something more. Thankful my lungs are clear. Hopefully, tonight I may even try sleeping in a bed and not a chair sitting up. Tomorrow, I am only going into work for some meetings and coming home to rest further but of course that makes me feel guilty.

I am frustrated. I think I will wrap myself in plastic wrap.

Still there was good in the weekend.

I got to see some friends on Friday

We decorated eggs with my mom, sister and family and had dinner together.

I got to watch my son play hockey.

My boys were understanding I wasn’t feeling well.

We have good accessible health care.

Here are the 2 reasons I get up every morning. This was me chasing them around the house with my new camera.



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