Furniture Shopping

We are on the home stretch of the basement renos! Yeah, I am looking forward to there not being a layer of dust on everything.

I think we are going to have just enough money left to purchase a sectional couch. There are lots of options for sectionals; size, material, color, and of course price. As with any major purchase you want to get the most bang for your buck, especially when that buck will be starting at $2000.00.

What are some features to consider when purchasing a new couch?

The first thing you consider is how does the piece look and feel. Does it fit with the vision you have for the space? 

For my space I am looking for a couch that calls out rest, relaxation, comfort, conversation and don’t be afraid to put your feet up on the couch. I want to the fabric to be soft and comfortable. Falling a sleep on this couch is a must as well it has to be large enough to have lots of people share a movie or a laugh.

The next element to consider is color and fabric.

Going with my inspiration photo I am looking for a grey couch. Brown would be too dark and beige too light. The durability of the fabric is very important. It needs to stand the test of lots of company and lots of “double rubs” more than 15,000 double rubs is considered heavy duty,  9000-15,000 medium. Not only does it need to be durable but it needs to be easily cleaned. Efficient spot cleaning is a must.


Construction, frame, cushions.

Once style, color and fabric is selected you do have to consider what is under all that fabric and cushion. It could be the perfect style, color, fabric, but if the frame and construction of the couch is poorly constructed all those other elements will be a waste of time and effort because it won’t be long before you are lugging it to the curb

Coach Size and Space

When shopping don’t forget to bring a measuring tape. The piece has to fit into the space and be well proportioned. Our room is quite large and the couch and TV are going to be the main focus.

So many decisions! Kids they are so easy to please.



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