May Purchases


With the heat of Summer and beach days only weeks away I am all about quick, easy make-up application. Even though I am religious about sunscreen on my face I still tend to get some color and don’t often use foundation at all in the Summer. I tend to want sparkle in the Summer more then ever. So when I was on a little shopping trip I happened to walk by this make up store, you know the one Sephora. In fact, I think I made three trips there this month. It was my birthday month so there was lots of treating to be had and since Chris  handed me 100.00 to spend for my birthday I happily leaped into the store. Here are my treasures.


1. Urban Decay Naked illuminated-You want glitter this will certainly deliver. Many may find this glitter overboard, me not so much. My face will be diamonds in the sun all Summer long.

2. Nars Super Orgasm Blush-This pinky peached toned blush has you guess it larger gold glitter pieces in it. I now have both the orgasm and the super orgasm. With orgasm you get shimmer with super orgasm you get shimmer and glitter. Here is the thing if you tap your brush before applying the super orgasm you can tap off all the gold glitter before it even gets to your awaiting cheeks. Now we wouldn’t want that now would we?

3. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer-I had to get this. I couldn’t read one more review about how fabulous this product is without actually having one. So I sunk my 35.00 into this little tube of what I believed would be the solution to all my eye problems forever and ever. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was. So much so that I actually consider taking it back. That is right, back to the store. I even reviewed the Sephora return policy as I have never returned something unless it was damaged. I gave it some time and tried it some more and here is the compromise. As an eye concealer it didn’t work for me because it caused creases and I don’t need to create wrinkles that are not actually there but as a highlighter I really like it. So true to its name, it is radiant and brightening.

5. Make up Forever Duo Mat Powder Foundation-I picked this up for Summer days when all I will apply is sunscreen and this powder before heading out the door. Who am I kidding? I will have lips and mascara too but no foundation per say.I am really liking this so far.

And finally

6. Real Techniques Brush Set-Someday I plan to learn more about contouring and this set will be there to help, until then I am loving the buffing brush with the Duo Mat Powder Foundation.

One more photo for the road as I continue to practice my picture taking skills.



May Empties


I am so glad to get this post up so I can finally recycle these products to the blue bag. I am on a mission to start using up product and making more room on my make up table. It is becoming shall we say overcrowded.

1. John Frieda Frizz Ease– I was using this product to help straighten my hair when using the flat iron. I liked that it was a spray so I had good control over how much or little I used. Overall, I would say this product work okay. It did help with keeping my hair smooth but it wasn’t perfect and I had some flyaways. I would give it a 3/5. This maybe something I would purchase again.

2. Oil of Morocco Hairspray-I got this in an Ipsy bag, It was a  sample size.  I liked that it was a light hairspray and didn’t leave you hair feeling like you just sprayed glue on it. I think there are many drug store products that also work the same so I would most likely purchase one of those on sale and get the same result. I am probably unlikely to purchase unless it was on a deep discount. I would rate 3/5.

3. Dove Smoothing Frizz Control-Are you noticing a theme with frizz? I like that you can use this product on wet or dry hair. It seems to work for a short while but then I have the flyaways again. I think there are better products I could be using. I would rate this 2/5 and will be unlikely to purchasing again.

4. Up All Night Volumizing Spray-This was another Ipsy bag item and also a sample size. This was also a spray which makes me feel like I have more control over how much I use. I really liked this product and used nearly every day, trying to get ever last spritz out of the bottle. This product gave me great volume and did not leave my hair feeling like it had product in it. I hate feeling product in my hair and will often not use hair products because of this. I give this a 4/5 and will most likely purchase once I figure out where I can get it.

5. Arbonne Make Up Primer-This is one of the best primers I have used thus far. I liked this so much I didn’t want to use it for fear it wold be all gone but atlas it is. It is listed on Amazon for about $40.00. I can’t recall how much I paid directly from a consultant. Should I get to a party or be offered this at a discount price I will sweep it up. However, right now I can not justify re-purchasing it when I have 3 other primers on the go. It is possible there are comparable primers for a better price point and I am looking for those options as well. I give this a 4/5. Not 5/5 because sometimes it enhanced dry patches on my skin once I put foundation on. Moisturizing well in advance was a required at times depending on how dry my skin may have been.

Well, there you have it and I have a few more millimeters on my make up table.

PS. I was working with lighting outside with my camera on this day hence the outside. Still so much to learn about taking pictures.

TV Binging… We are all guilt….at some point.

With so many series finales this month I am going to chat about TV today.



This was my winter project. I watched the whole series this winter and finished the final season this Spring with all the other fans. I heard somewhere this took me about 6 days and 23 hours of watching TV. In my defence I was sick about 8 days this winter and home from work. Plus I had another 5 snow days so it wasn’t like I was wasting away good days and hours that I could have been doing more productive things. Okay, now that’s all cleared up and I can continue my denial. Moving on!

The characters: I think I had a love, hate relationship with them all

Don: I love him. I hate him. Did you ever notice how giant his feet were? Every time he cheated on his wives I thought he was the biggest prick around. I really thought he would make it with Megan despite not liking her character at all. The threesome at end of the marriage was a shocker. I didn’t think he would go so low and Megan she was just trying to give it once last effort to save her failing marriage but she knew it was over. Sometimes Don completed disgusted me and other times he put that hat and top coat on and gave that look and I be all over it. I am not surprised about his ending up at a retreat and beginning the journey to internal peace. Every once in a while we got a look at how F’up he was that was balanced by THE Don Draper.

This photo released by AMC shows Jon Hamm as Don Draper in

This photo released by AMC shows Jon Hamm as Don Draper in “Mad Men”. (AP Photo/AMC Frank Ockenfels)**NO SALES** ORG XMIT: NYLS202

Everyone went from smoking and drinking like crazy at the office to drinking coffee and smoking. Between that and how easy it was to get women in bed I had to wonder was it really like that at the time? I thought people were reserved and the basically the Clever Family. Guess not.

I could write a book on this show and analize all the characters and I would love to but I won’t bore you. But did you ever finish a book and then wonder what the charcters were doing for days after you finished reading? This is how I feel about MadMan. I miss the characters.


In the end, like any fairytale romance I wanted Don to run off into the sunset with the love of his life and live happily ever after but I guess he was to find inner peace first.


I loved the first two seasons of this show. There wasn’t much not to like. This show had it had it all for me in the beginning,  a strong, kick your ass, literally, female lead. The glitz and glam, the beach house, the beach, scandals of the rich and famous. Money, sex, lies, scandal and revenge. However, after the first two season it started to go down hill but I remained faithful hoping it would get better again and at times it did. When Mommy came back from the dead and then Daddy and then it was Victoria against Amanda ( Emily) I lost interest. For me Amanda died in the water, the real Amanda became Emily Thorne it was hard to have her switch back to Amanda at the end. This show ended very predictable. The only thing I am going to miss is the beach house.



Billboard Awards


I was very excited for Britney to make a kick ass come back, like a revenge on all her haters for her last award performance meltdown. Yes, it was bad but I still loved her. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was that she did not perform at the actual show. Maybe it was scheduling, maybe she was more comfortable on her home Vegas stage at Planet Hollywood I don’t know but I was disappointed it wasn’t at the actual awards show. As far as the performance goes I thought she did well. Just as when I saw her in Vegas she had moments of early 2000’s Britney and other moments of today’s Britney which is good just not as good as “younger” Britney.


What shows are you mourning the ending of?

Hey, What’s Been Going On?

Has it really been 8 days since I have blogged? Yikes! I didn’t know how much I was missing it until now. Eight day is way to long to be away.

Had a great birthday and we celebrated again this weekend. Some gifties Mother’s Day/Birthday


My long-time birthday buddy

camping buddy

We went camping this weekend and did a wonderful family hike of 15 km. More beautiful pictures to share.

DSC_0034 DSC_0051 DSC_0052 DSC_0067 DSC_0070

When am I going to grow up?….Hell, who am I kidding I don’t want to.

IMG_0019_2My birthday is tomorrow (oops I was just informed it is not tomorrow, its the next day ) chronologically if we are counting I am turning 41, oops I mean 42. Yes, I will be 42 and I have no intentions of acting my age any time soon. Honestly, it feels like my oldest who is 15 is catching up in age to me. He graduates middle school and goes to Jr. prom this year. I still have my Jr. prom dress in a closet around here somewhere. I am still with the boy I went to Jr. prom with.

Here are a few mottos: keep up with technology, keep with the latest music ( i am stoked for the Billboard Awards and seeing Britney and Iggy- I am so rooting for Britney!!!), keep up with what the young people are doing

( okay, so that last one is to keep tabs on my own teens).

I have to confess I am losing ground with the celebrity starlets and youth shows, the interest is just not there for me. Yeah, I am more mature then I think. Cat fights, fighting over boys and jealous over-privileged teens on TV are not entertaining to me.

Okay,  I have a few clothing limits too: short skirts, short shorts, midriff tops, crack exposing jeans and a few stores I won’t shop Garage, Hollister, Aeropostale, Victoria’s Secret PINK. I do however, love American Eagle and ROXY brand. Not giving those up.

I will be a a responsible parent and act my age in my profession and in some public places and events. But on my own time I will sing and dance to DEMI, wear leggings and knee socks, pink streak my hair, wear crazy make-up, sing karaoke on my computer, body surf the waves at the beach, buy an AE dress, snapchat ( I don’t but I could if I wanted), have a girlfriend sleepover, wear sparkles, and whatever else I feel like doing. Don’t put me in a box and tell me I have to act and be a certain way because of how old I am chronically.

Birthdays are not about the number ( although I am grateful for each year I have here on earth) they are a celebration of your life from the past year and going forward.

“Happy Birthday dear MOM… Happy Birthday to you.”

“Blow out your candles and make a wish”

I take a breath in, lean over my cake and wish for health and happiness for my family and me.


When Your Mother Didn’t Mother

photo-1419090960390-4969330366abIf we are living and breathing on planet earth we have a mother by definition but we know that the woman that births us may only be mother by definition. Not all mothers mother and this may happen for many reasons. Sometimes a young mother makes the ultimate sacrifice for her child and decided to have another mother her child. Sometimes a mother was never mothered and doesn’t know how to mother. Sometimes a mother does the best she can and sometimes she doesn’t. How do you become a good mother? How many times have we heard mothers say they didn’t leave the hospital with a manual? Do you need to have good mothering modelled? Or do you learn from your mother everything not to do? Do you say to yourself I will be everything that she is not? When you hold your first child in your arms and feel this incredible love like no other do you wonder if this is how your mother felt about you? Do you wonder how your mother could lie to you? When holding your child your heart is exposed and open and you know that your love with be eternal, pure and honest. How your child’s pain is your pain and that words will hurt and destroy her innocence, confidence and self-worth. How you will spend your days mothering by building confidence, self-esteem and never not for one second will she ever question your love for her. In fact she will be so sure of it that she will never fear you or ever ever say she hates you. She will know that nearly every mothering moment was spent discovering how to make you feel like one of the most important people in her world. When she looks back on her childhood there will be no pain but only the fondest of memories. And as she grows and become an adult she knows the mothering doesn’t stop and she treasures the past, present and future relationship with you. There is the kindest of mutual respect and when she looks at you she thanks you for all you have given and sacrificed and you look at her and wonder how did you get so lucky and blessed when your mother didn’t mother.