TV Binging… We are all guilt….at some point.

With so many series finales this month I am going to chat about TV today.



This was my winter project. I watched the whole series this winter and finished the final season this Spring with all the other fans. I heard somewhere this took me about 6 days and 23 hours of watching TV. In my defence I was sick about 8 days this winter and home from work. Plus I had another 5 snow days so it wasn’t like I was wasting away good days and hours that I could have been doing more productive things. Okay, now that’s all cleared up and I can continue my denial. Moving on!

The characters: I think I had a love, hate relationship with them all

Don: I love him. I hate him. Did you ever notice how giant his feet were? Every time he cheated on his wives I thought he was the biggest prick around. I really thought he would make it with Megan despite not liking her character at all. The threesome at end of the marriage was a shocker. I didn’t think he would go so low and Megan she was just trying to give it once last effort to save her failing marriage but she knew it was over. Sometimes Don completed disgusted me and other times he put that hat and top coat on and gave that look and I be all over it. I am not surprised about his ending up at a retreat and beginning the journey to internal peace. Every once in a while we got a look at how F’up he was that was balanced by THE Don Draper.

This photo released by AMC shows Jon Hamm as Don Draper in

This photo released by AMC shows Jon Hamm as Don Draper in “Mad Men”. (AP Photo/AMC Frank Ockenfels)**NO SALES** ORG XMIT: NYLS202

Everyone went from smoking and drinking like crazy at the office to drinking coffee and smoking. Between that and how easy it was to get women in bed I had to wonder was it really like that at the time? I thought people were reserved and the basically the Clever Family. Guess not.

I could write a book on this show and analize all the characters and I would love to but I won’t bore you. But did you ever finish a book and then wonder what the charcters were doing for days after you finished reading? This is how I feel about MadMan. I miss the characters.


In the end, like any fairytale romance I wanted Don to run off into the sunset with the love of his life and live happily ever after but I guess he was to find inner peace first.


I loved the first two seasons of this show. There wasn’t much not to like. This show had it had it all for me in the beginning,  a strong, kick your ass, literally, female lead. The glitz and glam, the beach house, the beach, scandals of the rich and famous. Money, sex, lies, scandal and revenge. However, after the first two season it started to go down hill but I remained faithful hoping it would get better again and at times it did. When Mommy came back from the dead and then Daddy and then it was Victoria against Amanda ( Emily) I lost interest. For me Amanda died in the water, the real Amanda became Emily Thorne it was hard to have her switch back to Amanda at the end. This show ended very predictable. The only thing I am going to miss is the beach house.



Billboard Awards


I was very excited for Britney to make a kick ass come back, like a revenge on all her haters for her last award performance meltdown. Yes, it was bad but I still loved her. I can’t tell you how disappointed I was that she did not perform at the actual show. Maybe it was scheduling, maybe she was more comfortable on her home Vegas stage at Planet Hollywood I don’t know but I was disappointed it wasn’t at the actual awards show. As far as the performance goes I thought she did well. Just as when I saw her in Vegas she had moments of early 2000’s Britney and other moments of today’s Britney which is good just not as good as “younger” Britney.


What shows are you mourning the ending of?


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