Jr Prom

This has been an incredible week and I couldn’t be more proud and excited for my oldest son as he graduated from Jr. High and had his Jr. prom this week. I am all about celebrating life events but I had no idea how much pleasure I was going to have  sharing this experience with him. Now on to the photos!!!

He is handsome, she is gorgeous!



My jr prom photo with my date who became my husband.

DSC_0070 DSC_0117 DSC_0119

He comes by his humour honestly.DSC_0124 IMG_6006


Summer Solstice

Longest Day of the Year. Get out and enjoy each Summer day. Life is about experiences with your family and friends.

Excerpt From A Novel I am not Writing

photo-1429117237875-aa29229d99f0She immediately shuts the door behind her as she enters the apartment. She leans against the closed door trying to catch her breath having run up the nine flights of stairs. Choking back the tears she crumples to the floor and the tears flow freely. Her eyes have betrayed her. He has betrayed her. Life has betrayed her. The tears become sobs and she has trouble catching her breath. She opens her mouth to let out a silent scream. Despite her anguish she doesn’t need her neighbours calling the cops at least she still has some wits about her she thinks to herself. She has never felt so raw, a gaping wound in the centre of her chest. She takes off her purse and pulls off her leather coat and black heels and crawls to her bedroom on her hands and knees but instead of making her way into bed she goes and huddles in the corner of the room. Her eyes have adjusted to the darkness and the lights from outside give the room an eery yellow glow. She feels safe in the corner of her room.  Here she can hide and she feel protected by the walls pressed against her back. Just like she did when she was a scared child, hiding in her room with her hands over her ears trying to block out her mother screaming at her brother. Wanting it to stop, praying for it to stop but what could she do?  She hears her mother’s voice now inside her head, “I told you so. Use you up and throw you out that’s what men do”.  “Oh fuck off, Mother”, she thinks to herself. But the voice doesn’t stop and she feels worthless and used.  She closes her eyes and the scene comes to life before her eyes.


A little lavender, a little lighter and brighter.

c881fe5dd09048bedabebbc26bec99a4I remember the first time I fell in love with lavender it was on a visit to a coastal lavender farm. It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day. It was an experience that heightened and calmed all the senses from sight, smell, touch and taste and brought a sense of peace and relaxation. The wind was slightly blowing and even from the parking lot I got a hint of aroma from the awaiting lavender fields. Walking the lane and looking ahead of me I was taken with the field of purple and green.  Then taking a few small buds from the plant and rolling it between my fingers which immediately erupted the natural fragrance. I was completely hooked once I tasted a buttery shortbread with a hint of lavender and lemon.

Lavender is known for it calming and relaxing benefits. It can help with anxiety, depression and insomnia as well as headaches and stomach problems. In the garden, lavender will keep away insects and it will prevent deer from coming into your garden and eating all your plants.

Here are some of my favourite ways to use lavender.

Pure Lavender Oil

Rub on wrists before bedtime for a restful sleep.


Epson Salt Bath with Lavender

Adding lavender to your epson salt bath will add another layer of relaxation to your bath time.


All natural bar soap

Nothing says a better good morning or good night then fresh smelling lavender suds in the shower. If mixed with pure cow’s milk your skin will not only smell great but be super soft.


Summer Tea Time

Want to have a summer tea party? Make it a lavender theme and serve up these shortbread with a lavender lemon iced tea.


Here is my best tip when using and trying out lavender always use 100% all natural lavender products and oils.


Jan and Jot Giveaway

Jan and Joy Giveaway! Happy Monday.

Jan and Jot

Happy Monday!!

The day has come to finally be able to show our giveaway goodies.

We have been slowly collecting our favorite things to say thank you to all of our loyal fans and friends for supporting us.

Open International ❤️❤️❤️

Rules are easy

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Giveaway will run from June 15-June 26, 2015 8pm CST. We will announce winner and email them on June 27 😃

Now for the goodies
1st Place will be getting all of this in the picture above as well as some amazing samples

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photo-1429032021766-c6a53949594fIt has been a while since I rambled so ramble I shall.


The academic year is coming to an end and I am sadly rushing and counting the days to Summer break. The last 8 weeks at work have been very challenging. I am very excited that everything has worked out and I will be beginning my new job in September. I know this is the change I need despite all this nervous excitement. I don’t think anyone experiences change with out some apprehension.

Goodbye High-School

It is really is quite surreal at times that I can be working in a professional environment but yet some of those professionals have forgotten to leave their high school days behind them. I know  this group ( I won’t say where) that are so clicky click to the point that they exclude others. What bonds them seems to be their ability to talk about others, exclude others and praise themselves for what a wonderful and supportive group of people they are. Now I am not going to deny that my social anxiety makes me more of a reserved person  and I probably have lingering pain of not being included at some points in my life. However, I am a very kind, caring and funny person if you just take the opportunity to get to know me and I get zero pleasure from taking about other people.  I would do whatever I could to help someone in pain or having a difficult time. I am sympathetic to visible and invisible disabilities.

Social anxiety 

The social anxiety that resulted from my illness really changed who I was with new people for a long time. I never showed my true self to many people especially at work and when meeting new people. It is quite difficult to figure out your own character flaws and when your husband and closest friends don’t want to tell you what they are for fear of hurting you. So you walk around wondering what they hell is wrong with you and what you are doing to repel people. Sometimes I take things too serious, most times i have challenges relaxing, I have always been a take no shit kind of girl. I know these things about myself.

Camping and Hiking

it has been great to get in almost weekly hikes or camping trips. Being outside in nature really does a lot for your over all mental health and well-being. I am looking forward to a summer of camping and adventures.


The stress of my job is taking its toll on me in more ways then one. Sleeping has been trying because of my job and because my mattress is hurting my hips quite badly to the point that I toss and turn most of the night and want to cry in pain and frustration. Good sleep is really important for your health and over all well being. The dark circles under my eyes are huge. When someone makes a comment at work about your under eye bags you realize you can not continue like this. Last night, we went out and purchased a new mattress. I am so hoping it is going to be a great mattress and that I will sleep like a baby once we have it.

Makeup vs clothes

I realize I need to adjust my cosmetic shopping and start filtering some money into clothes. I think I am in dislike with about 40% of my closet right now.

Body Image

I don’t have many regrets in my life but I could have one if I can’t come to peace with my body. It actually can ruin so many moments for me. I can’t figure out if I am fat and need to lose weight, in denial about my weigh, some what normal for my age and medical issues. I have lost and gained the same 10 lbs about 3 times. Why can’t I just be happy with me?? Why?? I know I am not alone with his struggle but I am tired of it controlling me and it does control me.


I am thrilled it is the weekend. This weekend I am planning on hitting a few vintage shops, the gardening centre and spending some time with friends.

The first before and after shots

The contractors moved out a few weeks ago and the new sofa has arrived and I am shopping the clearance weekly to try and find the best deals to decorate all this new living space I have.

Since my son was away on a school trip for a few days I decided to get his room finished as a little surprise for him on his return. He is a 15 year old teen boy and from my experiences thus far his room smells like a guys locker room before game seven of the Stanley Cup. No amount of air freshening can remove that smell.  Finding the floor is often challenging AND no matter how often we tell him not to eat in his room we find dishes in there, weeks later. Although, I read lots about the horrors of a teen boys bedroom it wasn’t until I was actually living with one that it all became a scary reality. Saying that I decided this would be the cheapest room I would ever decorate. I even went to Walmart to get his bedding. I know, its true. I actually did. It was a last resort but one that proved to be successful in colors and price.

Before photos

The existing playroom/games room was gutted and walls were put up to make the bedroom for my oldest son. This new room is much larger then his old room and has a closet. As there was no window in this space ( the window you see is not on an outside wall but the old outside of a wall before we put an addition on our home) we also had to put in a window to make it legally a bedroom and make an exit should there ever be a need and I am referring to a fire not a midnight joy ride with his buddies. He has so many ways to sneak out in the basement.IMG_5467

Walls going up!


After Same view as above

we added a closet


Behind these walls is the new bedroom

You can see the new window and where the medals are is where there was a window.  The bedding from walmart which included a sheet set was $40.00. We reused his dark black curtains because on the weekends and holidays he needs to sleep in until 1:00 in the afternoon and all other times he is in his room he lives as a vampire and the sun burns his eyes out and how else would he contribute to our “whole shit” this power bill is high.


On this photo you can see on the wall where he has created an outline for a skyline that he is going to draw on his wall. He is a very good artist. This will be his Summer project.


A large double closet (his old room in the basement did not have a closet) DSC_0038

A few weeks ago while he was shopping with me at Winners’s he found some pictures he really liked so a few days later I  went back to purchase these for him. These were probably the most expensive purchase in the room. The two pictures were total cost of $51.00.



My son is also very involved in hockey and is quite a skilled goalie. We retired one of his sticks and hung all his metals for him. Personally, I wanted to display them chronically as to the age he was when he won them but my husband said that was being overly organized. What do you think? Cost: Free



Finally, I purchased some bins and labels from the dollar store and created a storage system for his socks and boxers and anything else he wants to “store”. Cost: $6.00


And true to 15 year old behaviour he came home from his trip and his suitcase threw up all over his room and I will look fondly back on these pictures .

Take a look back at my youngest son’s room makeover. 

There ya have it! The first before and after photos.