Julie G Nail Polish

If there is one thing to be said for subscription bags and boxes they are a really good way to try out products you have never tried before. Sometimes the sample sizes are great because you are not committed to a full-size should you not like a product or it just doesn’t work for you. Why am I talking about this?  Well, because I have discovered another favourite from my April  Ipsy bag and it is Julie G Nail polish. This is one of those products that I wish I would have discovered sooner. While I am discovering  how great this polish is Jacqueline at A Vibrant Day whose blog I love by the way is doing a three part Mani(cure) on the JulieG’s Candy Shoppe Collection. Go check that out she does really great mani(cures).

On to the Julie G I received in my Ipsy bag, it was in the shade of Damsel which is a mid-tone pink creme. This colour is part of the core collection.  This colour really works for me and is a wonderful colour for Spring and Summer . On the website you can purchase this polish for $3.99. That is a steal and I will tell you why. (However, I am only referring to this colour which is from the core collection because if you read Jacqueline’s series on Candy Shoppe Collection the polish from that collection does not have the wearability as the core colours)

1. There are many colors to choose from

2. They are 3.99

3. This is something about this formula that makes application very easy. I have control over the polish and therefore I make less mistakes that I have to correct. The brush doesn’t appear to be anything special so it must be the formula.

4. I saved the best for last and last it does. This polish has amazing wearability. If you put a topcoat on it lasts even longer. I went 4 days with out a topcoat and had no chips. With a topcoat I can get 5-6 days with no chips. The only time I have had polish last this long is when I have had a professional manicure.

The downside, as per usual I find a great product but I am unable to get it in Canada, shipping to Canada is often very expensive and not worth the cost. I will be adding this to my USA shopping trip list.

Day 4 with no topcoat just starting to get some wear on the tips, use a topcoat for ever best results.

IMG_5811 copy


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