Fall Around Our Home

Fall is in its peek here in Eastern Canada.

I decorate the fireplace mantel with the seasons. Pumpkins from the farmers market, owls and flowers from dollar store and sign from Marshals.IMG_0080 copyPumpkins from the grocery store, wood collected off the beach and lights from Winners.IMG_0081 copyIMG_0082 copyMaple trees in the back yard.

Burning scented candles always takes me to a warm place. Received as a gift from a friend.

IMG_0093 copyDried Hydrangeas from the front garden. Flowers from the garden, wood collected off the beach and glass holder from Winners.

IMG_0092 copyCabin Fever in the bedroom. Pillows from target ( when they were in Canada), bedding from LL Bean. IMG_6477


Didn’t Meet the Hype

s1585546-main-hero-300Living Proof shampoo and condition has been on my want to try list for at least 6 months.  On my last visit to Sephora I pick up the sample size of the conditioner and shampoo for $12.00 each (plus taxes).  The sample size provided me with about 6-8 washes, the conditioner 8-10 uses.

I was expecting to have the best hair of my life after using these products and was anticipating to have the the best blow out ever.  That didn’t happen the first time, nor the second, nor the third…I am still waiting for pigs to fly! I am just so happy I didn’t drop the $36.00 per bottle for the full sizes. Thank you make up Gods for making sample sizes. This shampoo and conditioner are so uneventful I really have nothing to say about them other then they washed and conditioned your hair. For less then $5.00 a bottle I get more hair care out of Garnier Fructis,  which I always come back to after trying out more expensive, professional care products.


For me, this product wasn’t worth the hype and certainly not the cost.  Now, there is still the 5 in 1 styling treatment that I am willing to give a try. Fingers crossed.


Fashion dilemmas Q&A

Thank you again Toby for taking the time to personally answer my fashion questions! I appreciate your time and advice.

Posh & Spicy


Hey Ladies

I have been a bit under the weather the past two days. Being sick while you are a mom is the worst thing ever. You feel like crap and your kid needs your attention but you simply do not have the strength to give it to him which then makes you upset. But thankfully i knew it is just temporary and i admired much more all of the amazing moms and ladies out there who are chronically ill.
This post was inspired by the lovely Jassy from lavender, life and everythingnice. She was struggling with some fashion issues and so i suggested she send me over her questions and i will write a post and answer them.Hopefully some of you could relate and get insights and tips to help you out.

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I love Linens xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

It is a chilly one here today but breezy so a fantastic day to hang laundry outside. A perfect day to finally get this post out.

I love linens! If I was more or a hoarder then a purger I would have every closet full but I am more of a realist when it comes to my love of linens. You have to use linens and when you do they don’t stay beautiful forever.  So I generally, buy only what I need and why buy them only to keep them in a closet? You need to see and use them to really enjoy . Homemade quilts are my utter most favourite. I just can’t afford to buy them nor do I have the talent to make them.

Why Linens Are Addictive……

  1. You only have to have a nice comforter, duvet or quilt to change the feel of a bedroom.
  2. They can be purchased inexpensively therefore you can change them up frequently.
  3. A nice sheet set adds luxury to your zzzz’s.
  4. Throw blankets come in all colours, textures and sizes. You can curl up with them or toss them over a chair.
  5. They can be a family hierloom passed down from generations.
  6. They tell a story.
  7. They make you feel good.
  8. They comfort you.
  9. You can change them with the seasons.
  10. You can get them on sale.

Fall Cabin Fever

Just change my bedding for the Fall/Winter Season


Curl up with a good blanket and book.


There is something about all white bedding that makes me want to sink in and stay a long while.


Campfire and Sunsets on the beach


Love these 


Hidden Talents….Man, they are hiding really good.

Do you ever wish you could do somethings just a bit better? I understand that none can be really good at everything but just a little better at somethings would be helpful. Are you following me?

Here are some examples….

I wish I was better at make-up application. Okay, I wish I could do it like the pros. Why can’t I get that dewy, I look 10 years younger look?


I wish I was better at cooking.  I can cook and it taste good but I really don’t like it. Maybe I should rephrase. I wish I enjoyed cooking. I wonder what it is like to actually enjoy the cooking process. How wonderful would it be to get home from work and be excited about cooking a meal? Actually excited about it, instead of dread and hiding from the kitchen.

I wish I could decorate an amazing cupcake. I don’t need to be able to do the whole cake just one little amazing cupcake.


Fashion. I have in my head what I want to look like I just have no idea how to do it. I mean I really have no idea. Zero, zip, none.

Painting. I envy people that can paint. Not so much draw but dip the brush and go to town on the canvas. People are incredible who have  this talent.


Sing. I can sing and if I train my voice on a constant basis I can sound pretty good but someone always sound better, has more talent. God I hate those people.

Sewing. Again people that can sew are amazing. Make a quilt or sew a dress and I am in awe. I have made a few things in my day,  curtains and one skirt. I can hem pants, most times.


Sure  I have talents, well….maybe not, definitely not around the arts. Honestly, what happened? For goodness sakes people put your children in some art classes.




Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Pore Scrub. I purchased this product because I was looking for a gentle everyday exfoliant. The “natural” and reputation of Neutrogena hooked me into buying this scrub. Unfortunately, for my skin it was light years away from an everyday scrub. I found the scrub felt like little shards of glass on my face and my face would be red for an hour or so after use.  This product went into category “when my face need a deeper exfoliant” and I used it once a month. I did end up using the whole bottle eventually. I may purchase again to keep on hand when I feel my face needs a good exfoliant. 3/5

L’Oreal Gently Eye Make Up Remover. For the most part I find  oil-free make up removers work well for me. This product is gentle, works well and is not very expensive. 4/5

Eco-beauty Good Day Day Moisturizer. This moisturizer came in an ipsy bag.  Claims: Long-lasting moisturization,ample hydration,fresher & happier appearance,highly natural, biodegradable formula,cruelty-free. Sounds perfect, except I had a big issue with the scent. It just didn’t smell like fresh cucumbers to me. As well, there was something about the formula that made it feel more medical then luxurious. It did melt into my skin and it didn’t feel heavy or greasy but I wan’t sure how moisturizing it was to my skin. I used the whole sample because I was trying to figure out if the product was giving me any real, noticeable benefits. I didn’t observe any and since I can’t get over the clinical smell and texture I wouldn’t purchase this product. 2.5/5

Edward Bess Sheer Satin Cream Foundation Shade Bare 02 I really liked this cream foundation. This was my second empty of this product. It gave me great coverage, was easy and smooth to apply and my face had a very natural appearance.The downfall is at $60.00 a compact the product doesn’t last long, especially If you are using it for full face coverage. You seem to lose a lot of product in your brush or sponge. The formula itself is fantastic. 4.5/5

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Creme Oil   Another ipsy bag sample. I really do love getting my monthly bag of goodies.  I was pleasantly surprised with this product and how much I ended up liking it. It tamed some frizz, I could’t feel the product in my hair and it has some sort of glitter or something which adds the luminance to your hair. If,  I used to much of this product at once, it would sometimes cause my scalp to itch. So I had to be careful not to squeeze to much out at one time. Will repurchase should I find it in my travels. 3.5/5


Anew Reversalist Complete Renewal Day Cream. This is my staple face cream. It is light, non-greasy, doesn’t cause breakouts, helps reduce brown spots and has an SPF of 25.  It does a good job moisturizing my face and neck.  Avon also claims it reduces fine lines and wrinkles. I don’t have any wrinkles ( okay, a few smile wrinkles, but who doesn’t?)  so I guess it is working. Thank you Avon and good genes. I have already re-purchaesed this. 4/5

L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara. I can get really long lashes with this product and you can build your lashes up as well without a caked on look. I may even like this a bit better than Lights Camera Lashes by Tarte. It is more cost effective. 5/5 Will re-purchase this weekend.

Instand Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle I bought this after all the rage in the blogging world and it didn’t disappoint. What I love most is that it does not crease in those little laugh lines I have under my eyes. Unlike Nars Concealer which was a big disappointment. This will be a staple in my make-up collection and it is a good price point too! 4.5/5