I love Linens xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

It is a chilly one here today but breezy so a fantastic day to hang laundry outside. A perfect day to finally get this post out.

I love linens! If I was more or a hoarder then a purger I would have every closet full but I am more of a realist when it comes to my love of linens. You have to use linens and when you do they don’t stay beautiful forever.  So I generally, buy only what I need and why buy them only to keep them in a closet? You need to see and use them to really enjoy . Homemade quilts are my utter most favourite. I just can’t afford to buy them nor do I have the talent to make them.

Why Linens Are Addictive……

  1. You only have to have a nice comforter, duvet or quilt to change the feel of a bedroom.
  2. They can be purchased inexpensively therefore you can change them up frequently.
  3. A nice sheet set adds luxury to your zzzz’s.
  4. Throw blankets come in all colours, textures and sizes. You can curl up with them or toss them over a chair.
  5. They can be a family hierloom passed down from generations.
  6. They tell a story.
  7. They make you feel good.
  8. They comfort you.
  9. You can change them with the seasons.
  10. You can get them on sale.

Fall Cabin Fever

Just change my bedding for the Fall/Winter Season


Curl up with a good blanket and book.


There is something about all white bedding that makes me want to sink in and stay a long while.


Campfire and Sunsets on the beach


Love these 



3 thoughts on “I love Linens xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  1. mentalbreakinprogress says:

    Love!!! Your bed looks sooo comfortable 😀 Love it. I love Fall for this…the desire to be cozy, have a fireplace….bake, make chilies and stews….makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside lol I wish it could be Fall all year! 🙂 Thanks for sharing 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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