Didn’t Meet the Hype

s1585546-main-hero-300Living Proof shampoo and condition has been on my want to try list for at least 6 months.  On my last visit to Sephora I pick up the sample size of the conditioner and shampoo for $12.00 each (plus taxes).  The sample size provided me with about 6-8 washes, the conditioner 8-10 uses.

I was expecting to have the best hair of my life after using these products and was anticipating to have the the best blow out ever.  That didn’t happen the first time, nor the second, nor the third…I am still waiting for pigs to fly! I am just so happy I didn’t drop the $36.00 per bottle for the full sizes. Thank you make up Gods for making sample sizes. This shampoo and conditioner are so uneventful I really have nothing to say about them other then they washed and conditioned your hair. For less then $5.00 a bottle I get more hair care out of Garnier Fructis,  which I always come back to after trying out more expensive, professional care products.


For me, this product wasn’t worth the hype and certainly not the cost.  Now, there is still the 5 in 1 styling treatment that I am willing to give a try. Fingers crossed.



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