My favorite All Time Christmas Movie….. The Holiday

I thought I would repost this as The Holiday is still my favourite Christmas Movie. I just love it! Read to find out why.

Lavender Life and Everything Nice


The Holiday (original release date December 2,  2006)  stars Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black. Many, many of the holiday movies out there are very cheesy and then some. This movie is about two women, Amanda played by Cameron and Iris played by Kate.  Both women are ending troubled relationships and to help them get over their breakups swap houses with each other over the Christmas Holidays. Cameron lives in LA and Kate in London. (Note: I may use the word perfect a lot)

Everything in this movie is perfectly designed.

Cameron is everything you would aspire to be beautiful, smart, sexy, successful, wealthy. She also wears some amazing clothes that fit the L.A and English Cottage scenes so perfectly.

h4       h7

The English Cottage is the perfect cozy, rustic, snowy cottage. The small near by village is quant and charming.


Jude Law is…

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