New Year Clean Up



With the new year just around the corner and the task of putting away and finding a home for all the new Christmas gifts I take this time to do a house clean up. I start with the boys rooms as they are usually the messiest and they have the most items that need to find new homes. I tend not to let clutter get ahead of me so I am generally purging at least 3-4 times per year.

Here is my list for a quick clean of the boys rooms.

  1. Strip beds and wash everything including duvets, mattress covers and pillows.
  2. Do a quick purge of their closets and drawers-if it looks to small, to dirty or well worn I bag it for charity.
  3. Open the windows no matter how cold it is,  fresh rooms need a fresh, crisp breeze. I close the doors to keep the cold from the rest of the house.
  4. I do a quick check of their toys and knickknacks. If they have out grown them or are broken I toss or donate. I dust all their shelves and display everything in a neat and orderly fashion. This also includes their books.
  5. I vacuum everything including heating vents and under beds.
  6.  I wipe everything down dressers, fans, desks, marks on walls. This year I think I have a few paint touch ups to do.
  7. Finally, I put the beds back together, sweep and mop and done. I am feeling great because I know that is done until Spring.




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