A Bad Hair Day?

What exactly is a good hair day? I am serious what determines for you if you are having a good or bad hair day? If you want hair and you have hair it is a good hair day. Right?

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I try to take care of my hair. I keep it healthy, I get regular cuts. I  colour it to hide those enviable grey hairs that come along and come along and keep coming along. I could kiss the creator of hair colour!.

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Maybe, I am just lucky and it behaves. Maybe having mostly straight hair with a few waves is just naturally well behaved.

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I never do my hair and say, “Hey, this is a great hair day.” My hair is my hair. I figure if I put in a great effort my hair will look good, less effort and it goes into a clip, a pony, a messy bun, a braid or an updo ( a simple, updo) .

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What is up with contest to see how long you can go without washing your hair?  When I hear someone has not washed their hair in seven days I think what are you looking for a standing ovation?

I am not going to mention names but a certain blogger, in fact, I know there is more than one that thinks it is the holy grail to not wash your hair for as many days as possible. AND these people claim to work out at the gym. Well, I don’t know about you, but if I am doing a kick ass workout, I sweat and my hair gets wet with sweat.

Now, someone here is lying. You either ain’t working out or your washing your hair and lying about it. If you are working out and not washing your hair…. no wonder you have bad, stinky, sweaty, greasy, go wash your hair already bad hair days.

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I am not the most experienced with hair appliances ( curling iron, wand, straightener, brush). GOSH, there are some great youtube videos of people curling their hair. I am trying. I should also mention I rarely use hair products, just a spray leave in conditioner/detangle.

I can see why after taking 6 hours to curl your hair you might try and not wash it for a few days, that is two, maybe three days, TOPS and invest in a case of dry shampoo.

Disclosure?  Did you ever think that maybe a lot of that hair not being washed is not real hair but extensions.

Once, I tried the don’t wash your hair for as many days as your sanity can muster challenge and I failed. Yes, I am bitter, I had a FUCKING BAD, VERY BAD HAIR DAY!!!




Sunscreen Reviews


If you read my last post on sunscreen protection you learned about my sunscreen obsession, not just with trying my best to be a faithful user but also my hunt for the best sunscreen. I am going break these sunscreen rating posts into a few as it could be pretty lengthy to do all at once.

The first sunscreen I am going to talk about are the ones we see frequently at drug stores and other retail locations such as Walmart and Target ( well not Canada, we know what happened there). These are priced well and give good effective sunscreen coverage. These are great when you are going to be applying sunscreen a lot and don’t want to invest in more expensive sunscreens that you are only going to keep washing off ( and toweling off) in the water. I have used these on my children, still do infact. Also when I am spending the whole day at the beach, pool or water park I use these because I want to be able to apply and reapply and reapply and I personally don’t use my best sunscreens for these days. I prefer these in the sprays as I don’t like the greasy feeling these leave on my hands.  Sunscreen hands and sand.. ugh! How am I suppose to eat my beach chips?

I generally can tolerate a day at the beach of feeling a little lubed up, okay they are not that bad. Plus with the spray you can get to your back a bit better. I never use these on my face. I am very particular about facial sunscreens ( think clogged pores and breakouts)



Another sunscreen I like to use for all over body coverage is Aveeno. This sunscreen aborbs much better than those listed above and is non-greasy. I also really like the scent. It has not stained any of my clothing to date so it can be applied when you are wearing your t-shirts and tops ( but just in case be careful to avoid collars and sleeves). This bottle is also easy to pack into your purse and keep close to reapply. Aveeno is a well known and reputable brand of skincare. I really like this one.



The next two sunscreens are “natural” and “chemical free” options. I realized in my quest for trying to use more natural products and from the All Mightly God information bible “the internet” that I may be protecting myself from the harmful sun and I wouldn’t maybe die of skin cancer but rather some other deadly form of cancer from all the sunscreen I am using that is full of chemicals. So I purchased these two babies. I love that they are “healthy’ sunscreens and they do what they are designed to do which is of course protect you from sunburns but, always a but, they don’t rub in as easily as other sunscreens and therefore you have to be really careful when applying as they don’t spread out and cover as easily. You have to consciously section and grid out your body and apply to each grid section of your body or you risk getting burned on a spot you may have missed. I just don’t always have the time to take this much care when I just want to jump in the waves. It can also leave you a little pale or white whatever you want to call it when you cover your body in zinc oxide. Otherwise this has great review in the natural community.





So there you have the first three sunscreens in my sunscreen quest. Have you tried these brands? How would you review them? Pros/Cons? What other natural sunscreens have you tired?


Love Jassy



Cross body Bag


I have recently got a mini obsession with crossbody bags. I blame it all on those youtube luxury handbag bloggers. Financially, we are worlds apart, if I am going to spend a few thousand dollars it is going to be for a vacation, new furniture or appliances. Not to mention I am spending money on tuition for not only myself but my son who is graduating high school in just a few days. Hey, we all make our own choices about how we spend our money and if it is luxury handbags who is going to complain? Not me, I am living the experience through youtube.

Nevertheless, I am finding myself drawn to the handbag section in stores much more frequently. I have always been a one bag kind of girl until either I have got bored with it or it looks pretty bad and needs replacement. But apparently there is this whole world of changing purses like you change your clothes. Who knew?

I mean how is this possible? I have always been one of those people with their life in their purse, you cannot  just take your life and move it to a new purse with every changing outfit. But apparently there is a way ( upcoming blog post).

Any WHO, I am off on a slight tangit cause what I really wanted to share was the HANDBAG I got. This was an unexpected purchase. Not that I had not been looking for one. I knew I wanted pink and it had to be a cross body with a chain strap. TA DA! This little cutie showed up from the back room of our Coach store. AND get this… you “wear” a bag, like a pair of shoes ( learned that on youtube).

Let me introduce……Coach Glitter Rose Bowery Crossbody 



Here I am “wearing” my first  bag. So pretty.  Skirt American Eagle and Jean Jacket Ricki’s

My two current fav youtube bloggers



Graduation Milestone

This Spring I have both jr. and senior proms and graduations. I love a good party, more so I enjoy planning a good party.  I like exploring neat ideas and mostly I get pleasure when my guests have a great experience.  This party was an outdoor picnic theme. We served pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw and kettle chips.  I kept everything very simple and the feedback from guest the next day was very positive.

Enjoy the photo party and easy ideas!



The last few parties I have planned or hosted it has been all about the helium balloons.They are a quick, fun and easy way to decorate. For this outdoor party these large number balloons added to the graduation theme.



This simple balloon bouquet was just the right touch.


Very simple self serve popcorn station.


Another easy self serve idea.



For special events I like to go one step further with the cake. This is a work of art.


You can use mason jars for so many things, such a simple and easy idea.



A great way to end a wonderful evening.

Boy Gotta Kiss the Frogs Too.

I thought it may come at some point, I mean no child is perfect, although I always feel my children are.  I wasn’t sure what form it would come in. The greatest fear was that it would be drugs. I had a plan for that. I would re mortgage my house and get them in the best treatment program ever. I wondered what would happen if that didn’t take and funds ran out. I knew then I would have to let them go and hope they returned alive and not broken beyond repair. That would hurt, it would be devastating.

I thought it may come in the form of just simply moving away to college or a job and that may happen yet. He is young.  I would miss them, it would be difficult.

I thought it would come in the form of a girl. Actually, I was sure it would be a girl. When you are the most important female in their life for the first 18 years and along comes a girl, any girl, there is going to be trouble.

Now, if, she is the perfect girl, that I love and he does too and of course she loves me, then problem diverted. But just like us ladies we are going to kiss a lot of frogs before we find the prince.

The problem is boys are going to kiss the girls and put their moms on the back burner while doing so. And as a Mom you are going to see all the wrong frogs for your son and there is nothing you can do about it. But yet, what you do is get angry with your son.

alone artist blur bracelets

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You see things they can’t and you try to communicate it to them. You get angry because what feels like all of the sudden their priorities are all messed up. They say things to you that you are sure are the words of the “girlfriend”. It all comes to a head and you realize you have lost, you have lost. You have lost influence over their lives. Okay, maybe, let me try to call it what you are thinking, you have lost control. I can’t just tell him what to do and he will do it. He use to be so compliant. Now, he fights me, it feels like at every turn, every direction. AND NOW he is OLD ENOUGH TO ACTUALLY CALL ME OUT! WTF!

You invest every cell of your being into a child ( your children) and you love them so much. And now you are so angry with their choices and decisions and at the same time you are trying to protect them from making mistakes, emotional ones, educational ones, financial ones. And you are just left feeling hurt as they get in the car that you bought them to spend Father’s Day with another family.

You want to say “I gave up my life for you, I live for you. Every decision I ever made, I thought about your best interest” AND now I am the mean Mom, the not understanding Mom, the Mom who doesn’t get it, the Mom that rides your ass, the Mom who speaks with attitude. “ Do you hear yourself?”, he says to me “This is the reason I don’t want to be here”. <heart stab, stab, stab> My son doesn’t want to be with me. It hurts. It fucking hurts.

You Want to Take a Bath? Make It In Sunscreen.

We know from  research that daily use of sunscreen on the face, neck, and chest area is the number one way to prevent premature aging.  If that is not enough to motivate you maybe the rates of skin cancer will. Melanoma is no joking matter.

I get it, finding that perfect face and body sunscreen is not an easy task and can get rather pricey if you are always on the hunt like myself. But a rather inexpensive $10.00 bottle of possible life saving lotion is more than worth it.

What you do to your skin today will impact your skin and appearance in 2, 5, 10, 15, 20, 50 years from now. I see it as two options embrace the white or use a good self tanner ( there are good ones) but cover up and limited time to direct, prolong sun exposure.

Now, I am going to admit it wasn’t until I started putting sunscreen on my babies, about 18 years ago, that I decided to start using some myself and gradually I used it more often and more of it, on more of my body. Now, I am a faithful user.

The hypochondriac tendencies in me have some useful qualities at times. I use a sunscreen with at least an SPF of 25 everyday either in a moisturizer that contains sunscreen or a foundation that contains sunscreen.

I use a moisturizer with sunscreen on my face, neck and chest and else where. Here are some parts you may not think about: don’t forget your bare arms, your feet, behind your neck and the small back area that is often exposed in t-shirts, tanks and any top that doesn’t come up to your chin. Those areas get a lot of sun exposure during the run of regular day that we  often don’t think about. Your not just getting sun at the beach.

Now let’s take it a step further. I love the beach and the sun, so don’t think all this covering up I am going to be talking about is easy for me because it is not. I have started wearing hats not just to the beach but every time I am going be outside for more than 15 minutes at a time. Also I started using an umbrella so I am not in direct sunlight for prolong periods of time. Shade is becoming my friend. And yes, at the beach I limited my time in the sun. If I am going to be in the water for more than 10 minutes I wear a t-shirt. I wear a cover up on the beach. This has nothing to do with my not liking myself in a bathing suit. Now, I do allow myself some sun. I just try to be very mindful of it.

I am not a medical professional ( at all!!) however, since you are not getting as much vitamin D with all that sunscreen on, taking a vitamin D supplement is something you may want to discuss with your doctor or naturopath. Many people are vitamin D deficient and being so can have an impact on your overall health and well being and may increase your risk for some types of cancer.

Now that you have been lectured for the day.. get outside! 

Please let me know if you would like to me to review some of the products I have used that contain an SPF and how I rate sunscreens that I have tried.



This is a basic t from American Eagle, see how much of her skin is exposed on her chest and the upper part of her back and shoulders. We often don’t think about this when we are out walking around the city with friends. Sunscreen those areas. Don’t forget those bare arms and legs!


American Eagle AEO SOLID PANAMA HAT under 20.00. Hats are SO in right now and they are so darn cute. Use this fashion trend to your advantage and never let it go out of style!


This beach cover up from Nordstrom provides decent shoulder and back coverage. Look for beach cover ups that actually cover. Click for direct link


Spring Chicken for the More Mature

It has been 2 years since I have wrote on this blog. Two more years of raising my boys, guiding and shaping them into young men. Two years of working on and managing my health anxiety. Two more years of marriage. Two more years of working on my career. Two years of adventures, friends, family, parties, trips, highs, a few lows. Two more years of being blessed to walk the earth and experience this thing called life.

Welcome and welcome back! I have been inspired once again to get my creative juices flowing and dedicated this blog to all things I love and want to share. I love a good blog and recently have enjoyed some really good content on youtube. Hats off to the video bloggers!

I am not a spring chicken although I do feel like one. Content for more mature ladies …I am talking fabulous forties is quite limited in the blogging world.  But here I am 45 feeling like I am 25, I make no apologies for that. You may have heard how liberating your 40’s can be and it is all true, I promise to write more about that later.

I won’t follow any rules, especially when it comes to fashion, make up and behaviour and you shouldn’t either. This is shocking even for myself since I am such a rule follower mostly in life. Except if you tell me I can’t do something ..then I take on the challenge.. to prove I can.

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