Body Positivity Movement

I am joining the body positivity movement. I am optimistic that I can embrace the positivity. I am not getting any younger or thinner and starving myself is out of the question. I know very little about body positivity. I have been hating my body for pretty much all my life but mostly since I was about 25, so that is almost 20 years of hating my body and putting all myself worth into how flat my stomach is or is not, which it is not flat by any means. I have an arm load of reasons I am not getting skinny and why my muffin top is not shrinking. I loath my muffin top and now I am adding my upper arms to what I hate about my body. Okay, back fat too, I hate that as well, but see it less often since  it is behind me. See where this is going?

Here is my arm load of reasons (some may call excuses) why I am not getting skinny

  1. hyperthyroid
  2. menopause at 3o
  3. whacked out hormones
  4. IBS diet
  5. diets don’t work, I have done lots ( WW, clean eating, no carbs, reduced carbs, paleo, LA weight loss and the list continues, I have lost and gained the same 15 lbs I don’t know what many times)
  6. I have overcome too much shit in my life to never have ice-cream and birthday cake again
  7. I have many habits of “skinny” eaters and I still have a muffin top


I am sure there are a few more, if I want to spend the brain power thinking about them and no … of the reasons is not because I am lazy, unhealthy, unmotivated and overweight and making excuses.

Enter….. body positivity which to my understanding will help me blast these some of these myths and misconceptions  and once and for all I will love my body and appreciate all the does for me. Let the journey begin.



Wish App

Have you stumbled on wish app on your instagram or twitter feed? Well, I came across it as a sponsored app and I decided to click that install button and then spent the next hour or more taking a look at all the products at low prices. Of course, when you think something is too good to be true you better do your research. So I researched the reviews on the company/site and watch a few videos on youtube. What I determined was most of the merchandise is from China and made quite cheap. Research tells me  Wish is a  glorified online dollar store. I also gathered that the clothing sizes were very small and you had to order 2-3 sizes up. As well you should only purchase products with consistent 5 star reviews.

I decided to take the plunge and order a few products

I received all products as promised. It took up to 4 weeks to get some items but they are very clear about that up front. Some customers complain of never receiving product but I did in fact receive everything I ordered. There were also complaints of not receiving the correct item ordered but once again I received everything as ordered. It is also important to read the find print on each item because what you see in the photo may not be all you get.

The first item I ordered was a pleather black jacket. It was 29CAD and free shipping. The jacket was small as expected but after I wore it once it seemed to loosed up around the shoulders.  I really like the jacket, it will get some good wear.


I don’t tend to like wearing scarfs because I find them heavy and constricting. They are almost as bad as wearing a turtle neck. The reviews on this scarf talked about how light weight it was and I liked the colors. It was 3CAD and 2 S&H. On arrival, the colors were not as vibrant as the picture on wish, the material was thin which was good because it is comfortable to wear and bad because I can already tell it is not going to wear well. The fibres seem to move around in some spots and create small holes. I will wear this until it looks too shabby.


The other  2 items I ordered were a pair of earrings and a makeup brush. I was very disappointed with these items but wasn’t really surprised I should have listened to the reviews on the items.

I am not sure I would order from this site again. They have some interesting, neat stuff but the quality is poor and you could be taking a risk by not receiving anything at all. For me, spending a few extra dollars for better quality, correct sizing and guaranteed arrival is better money spent. However, it is kind of addicting to scroll through all their items so there may come a time I just hit that buy button.

Anyone else have an experience with WISH?





You look disgusting Video

This is powerful! Have you seen this video? The reason I ask is I am sure I have seen the before and after of this same girl on other social media sites promoting the amazing make-up transformation. However, after seeing the whole video now I am quite disturbed. It makes me very sad to know all she has gone through. As well it reminds me of several important things: One snap shot doesn’t tell the whole story, make-up is a personal choice with or without it we are beauty people. Thankfully, the blogging world that I have been apart of has always been a positive, rewarding experience but it also opens you up to hateful people that troll about looking for mean and hateful things to say.