It is that time of year again!

It is that time of year again when I am planning a beach camping vacation and I need to purchase a swim suit. Last year it was a well thought out plan but one I wasn’t looking forward to. I am completely the person that will compare my body with those immediately around me and if they are slimmer then me I automatically cut myself down to the size of a grain of sand. My self worth becomes non-existence because I dump on myself for not being thin as well. (so keeping my fingers crossed for the exploration with body positivity)

I wasn’t planning to buying a swim suit yesterday but I made my way over to the rack anyways and said “why the hell not, maybe I will get lucky”.

Get Lucky


And I DID! Maybe it was because my goal going into the dressing room was I will be happy if they just fit, they don’t have to look good, they just have to fit. With goal one in check, I started to check out all the other angles and of course looked to play up the assets and down play the mid-section. Check points on both and I went home with 2 new bathing suits that are very comfortable. I even purchased a panty style bottom which I rarely purchase or wear, I am a skirt bottom kind of girl.

I have to confess the bathing suit I purchased last year looks good but it is like getting into a SPANX. After I wrestle with the top and figure out which way is the front and get the straps situated, I want to fall exhausted on the bed.  I didn’t wear this suit once when I was in the Bahamas this Spring. There is no last minute, “let’s go for a swim” and just toss on your swim suit. It takes time and patience and you need air conditioning blasting on you because look out if you are hot and sweating this suit is not going on easy.



Off to the beach I go……



I Don’t Make New Year Resolutions Volume 2


I don’t make specific New Year resolutions because I know you can’t keep them just as I know diets don’t work. With every loss cell of collagen as you get older you actually do get wiser. Cost, benefit relationship.

As the kids get older the parenting gets less  intense, less hands on. They get more expensive, I wasn’t quite expecting that. They don’t need me like they use to. That brings about some sadness but at the same time I enjoy their independence. They need to be independent, honestly, before you know it they will be flying the coop. They need to know how to survive. I need to call off the helicopter and active the GSP. I will be broken hearted. Which is why I also must prepare and begin working on my life after kids. Saying that, I so wish I could freeze time. We are all at the perfect age. They need me but not too much, they are great to travel with, they can be left alone for periods of time, they are still young ducklings, not too grown up yet but able to make themselves a sandwich and not starve.


So, why and I talking about my boys in this “I don’t make new year’s resolution post? ”

Because I want to freeze time. I have had an amazing year. I feel that despite the challenges I have, I have pushed through, maybe this year the pushes were less or the door wasn’t always as heavy. I just know that I am happy most of the time and I  am not afraid all of the time.

Aside from jetting off to live in some tropical destination to pursue my dreams of acting and singing. Splitting my time between living off the grid and in the penthouse in Las Vegas. Being happy most of the time and not afraid all the time is good enough. I will take it! Good enough is great. I did the hard work and the past year feels like a reward.


Since I am not Elsa, from Frozen and I can not freeze time, only my fingers on the steering wheel. I know this year is coming to an end on the calendar. My boys will keep growing which makes me sad but I am excited about the adventures we will all have as a family.


So once again for 2016 I declare…….

I declare I will be free from anxiety and fear.

I declare I will be an active mother to my children.

I declare I will raise Godly sons filled with love, kindness, gifts and talents.

I declare I will have a loving, vulnerable, fun marriage with my husband.

I declare I will have a happy, comfortable home that brings joy and peace to my family and friends.

I declare I will make a difference in the lives of children, leading them to their gifts and talents. Showing them that they can move above and beyond their circumstances.

I declare I will travel to new places and experience the world and activities that God has created for us to enjoy here on earth.

I declare longevity for my life.

I declare perfect divine health, free from all sickness, illness, infirmities, cancers for me and my family.

I declare I will have a true kindred spirit best friend.

I declare I will use my voice in song to bring others in the presence of God.



New Year Clean Up



With the new year just around the corner and the task of putting away and finding a home for all the new Christmas gifts I take this time to do a house clean up. I start with the boys rooms as they are usually the messiest and they have the most items that need to find new homes. I tend not to let clutter get ahead of me so I am generally purging at least 3-4 times per year.

Here is my list for a quick clean of the boys rooms.

  1. Strip beds and wash everything including duvets, mattress covers and pillows.
  2. Do a quick purge of their closets and drawers-if it looks to small, to dirty or well worn I bag it for charity.
  3. Open the windows no matter how cold it is,  fresh rooms need a fresh, crisp breeze. I close the doors to keep the cold from the rest of the house.
  4. I do a quick check of their toys and knickknacks. If they have out grown them or are broken I toss or donate. I dust all their shelves and display everything in a neat and orderly fashion. This also includes their books.
  5. I vacuum everything including heating vents and under beds.
  6.  I wipe everything down dressers, fans, desks, marks on walls. This year I think I have a few paint touch ups to do.
  7. Finally, I put the beds back together, sweep and mop and done. I am feeling great because I know that is done until Spring.



Oh Christmas Tree




She sat in the darkened room with silence all around her. Except it wasn’t complete darkness, it never is, thankfully. She knows for some people darkness consumes them and they don’t even have the energy to kick their feet and swim to the surface. They float below the water’s surface holding their breath until their lungs hurt. For some lucky ones they are pulled to the surface and life is breathed back into them, not all at once but one breath at a time. Others open their mouth and let the water seep in, finally taking a breath and filling their lungs with cool, clean water.

But I said she sits in a darkened room not a dark room. This room is filled with a soft glow, that is warm and inviting. It is a familiar glow that fills the room for a short season. When she sits it is hard for her not to feel melancholy, she see chapter two of her life displayed in the glow and among the branches. First Christmas’, family vacations, her wedding. Her children growing Daniel 2003, Daniel 2006, Daniel 2011, last year a simple D for Daniel, this year a StarWars storm trooper.

She wonders how this perfect glow of warmth and peace can be captured forever, how this moment can remain and not be broken. She knows broken, she knows fear, deep parlaying fear and she is overwhelmed with gratitude that she has been pulled from the just below the water’s surface and life breathed back into her one breath at a time.


Stila at Shoppers

On arriving to my appointment it was a bustle of people and lovely ladies sitting in chairs surrounded by reflective mirrors and beautiful displays of make up. I was excited to meet my make up artist for Stila. Of course she had amazing winged eyes done with the famous Stila liquid eyeliner. I wanted a holiday glam look and was most interested in trying out their shadows with glitter. I know, they had me at glitter too. Holiday and glitter, sugar and spice, apple and cinnamon, bread and butter.  I decided on purple glitter shadow and purple eyeliner. They are great colors for making green eyes pop.

Before my job starting taking up 10-12 hours of my day I was doing lots of research and practice on contouring. I took this as an opportunity to have a professional teach me about contouring. We had about the same amount of knowledge and I think she had more practice but I wasn’t all that pleased with her contouring skills. I ended up purchasing the contouring kit to do more at home practice. That was a least 2 weeks ago and I have not even opened the package.

Overall, I wasn’t blown away by the Stila products and they are pretty expensive not be loving them. I did receive a really nice holiday clutch and a bag of product from Shoppers that I will probably give away.

It is always a good experience when you get to try out a variety of products in a new to you line.

Another great thing about purchasing from Shoppers Drug Mart is you get Optimum points and with the purchases I made this day and the bonus points you received on this particular day I scored $60.oo in free merchandised.






Blowing out Eggs

photo-1414048512375-319531a5895fSince I have a barking cold I was feeling disappointed because there was no way I could blow out eggs for decorating and use the eggs to make a quiche. “Here have some germ infested quiche sure to give you an evening of hacking.” I hate the thought of wasting all those eggs. But my head must he clearing because I decided to Google Search “how to blow out eggs without using your mouth” and what do you know I found a way. How could I ever doubt Google?  The solution use a baby rubber ear syringe. ( give it a good boil in water)  I think I can get one of these at the drug store. I have been blowing eggs out for years and I also just learned to stir the yoke before trying to blow it out, stirring breaks the yoke and makes it come out easier. Sometimes it is the small things! How to Blow Out Eggs-Modern Mom

Easter Inspiration

Easter is one of my favourite times of the year. First off, it is much simpler holiday then Christmas and it marks the beginning of Spring and with Spring new life and nature’s beautiful abundance. It is always a very spiritual time for me. Here are some ideas and inspiration for this Easter Weekend.

Last Minute Easy Decorations

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It wouldn’t be Easter without hot cross buns, a glazed ham and a solid milk chocolate bunny.

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Decorating eggs is a family tradition. Here are some from last Easter.IMG_3485 IMG_3486


He is risen!


This cute breakfast idea just may just help eliminate chocolate for breakfast Easter morning.


Most photos from Pinterest