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I am not sure what my thoughts on “real life” ghosts actually are. I would say I am more on the skeptic side. I’d like to think I have a guardian angel but that wouldn’t be a ghost it would be an angel. I believe in angels.

Now, I wouldn’t mind being a ghost when it served me well.  Like the days I need to get groceries and the last thing I want to do is dress and shower. (I am not a wear your PJ’s to the store kind of girl). I could ghost into the grocery store get what I needed and ghost out.

Ghosting would also come in handy when you want to see what your 16 year old and his girlfriend are up to. Well, maybe…… but I would like to know what they talk about for hours.

My friend ghosts all the time. We are sitting around the campfire, talking, laughing, having a few beers and suddenly there is an empty chair. No, “hey everyone, good night I am off to bed.” Nope, he is there then he is gone and we are left with an empty chair.

When I pass from this life and on to the next, I don’t plan to stick around being a ghost. I am going to take my place in the glorious heavens. I don’t plan to have any unfinished business that keeps me between places in a spiritual world. If there are ghosts flying around I would think they have unfinished business and can’t pass or don’t want to pass into the land of milk and honey.

I don’t think I ever cried as hard at a movie as I did watching Ghost with Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze the first time. It was heart breaking. I bawled.

Ghosts can inhabit you right here, right now;  ghosts from pass mistakes, past trauma, past relationships, unfilled dreams, regrets. I work really hard at not allowing ghosts to inhabit me despite some of life’s challenges I have had. It takes a lot of work, a lot of persistence, a lot of patience, forgiveness, letting go and not living with what if.

BOO!!! Did I scare you?



As seen on Pinterest: Teacup Bird Feeder

I had to clean out some dead branches from an area in my yard. The tops of the trees are beautiful and provide lots of privacy but the bottoms of the trees had lots of dead branches. I often noticed little birds hanging out in the trees. I thought these teacup bird feeders would be a great way to add to the empty space and bring more of those lovely little birds to the trees.  I have a few more plans for this space as it leads to a pathway of wild blackberry bushes.


I purchased all the cups and saucers from a thrift shop. I also found beads and ribbons to use for hangers. The glue I picked up at a hardware store. I selected glue that was waterproof.  A glue gun would work as well.





My favorite All Time Christmas Movie….. The Holiday

I thought I would repost this as The Holiday is still my favourite Christmas Movie. I just love it! Read to find out why.

Lavender, Life & Everything Nice


The Holiday (original release date December 2,  2006)  stars Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet, Jude Law and Jack Black. Many, many of the holiday movies out there are very cheesy and then some. This movie is about two women, Amanda played by Cameron and Iris played by Kate.  Both women are ending troubled relationships and to help them get over their breakups swap houses with each other over the Christmas Holidays. Cameron lives in LA and Kate in London. (Note: I may use the word perfect a lot)

Everything in this movie is perfectly designed.

Cameron is everything you would aspire to be beautiful, smart, sexy, successful, wealthy. She also wears some amazing clothes that fit the L.A and English Cottage scenes so perfectly.

h4       h7

The English Cottage is the perfect cozy, rustic, snowy cottage. The small near by village is quant and charming.


Jude Law is…

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Stila at Shoppers

On arriving to my appointment it was a bustle of people and lovely ladies sitting in chairs surrounded by reflective mirrors and beautiful displays of make up. I was excited to meet my make up artist for Stila. Of course she had amazing winged eyes done with the famous Stila liquid eyeliner. I wanted a holiday glam look and was most interested in trying out their shadows with glitter. I know, they had me at glitter too. Holiday and glitter, sugar and spice, apple and cinnamon, bread and butter.  I decided on purple glitter shadow and purple eyeliner. They are great colors for making green eyes pop.

Before my job starting taking up 10-12 hours of my day I was doing lots of research and practice on contouring. I took this as an opportunity to have a professional teach me about contouring. We had about the same amount of knowledge and I think she had more practice but I wasn’t all that pleased with her contouring skills. I ended up purchasing the contouring kit to do more at home practice. That was a least 2 weeks ago and I have not even opened the package.

Overall, I wasn’t blown away by the Stila products and they are pretty expensive not be loving them. I did receive a really nice holiday clutch and a bag of product from Shoppers that I will probably give away.

It is always a good experience when you get to try out a variety of products in a new to you line.

Another great thing about purchasing from Shoppers Drug Mart is you get Optimum points and with the purchases I made this day and the bonus points you received on this particular day I scored $60.oo in free merchandised.






Fashion dilemmas Q&A

Thank you again Toby for taking the time to personally answer my fashion questions! I appreciate your time and advice.

Posh & Spicy


Hey Ladies

I have been a bit under the weather the past two days. Being sick while you are a mom is the worst thing ever. You feel like crap and your kid needs your attention but you simply do not have the strength to give it to him which then makes you upset. But thankfully i knew it is just temporary and i admired much more all of the amazing moms and ladies out there who are chronically ill.
This post was inspired by the lovely Jassy from lavender, life and everythingnice. She was struggling with some fashion issues and so i suggested she send me over her questions and i will write a post and answer them.Hopefully some of you could relate and get insights and tips to help you out.

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