Body Positivity Movement

I am joining the body positivity movement. I am optimistic that I can embrace the positivity. I am not getting any younger or thinner and starving myself is out of the question. I know very little about body positivity. I have been hating my body for pretty much all my life but mostly since I was about 25, so that is almost 20 years of hating my body and putting all myself worth into how flat my stomach is or is not, which it is not flat by any means. I have an arm load of reasons I am not getting skinny and why my muffin top is not shrinking. I loath my muffin top and now I am adding my upper arms to what I hate about my body. Okay, back fat too, I hate that as well, but see it less often since  it is behind me. See where this is going?

Here is my arm load of reasons (some may call excuses) why I am not getting skinny

  1. hyperthyroid
  2. menopause at 3o
  3. whacked out hormones
  4. IBS diet
  5. diets don’t work, I have done lots ( WW, clean eating, no carbs, reduced carbs, paleo, LA weight loss and the list continues, I have lost and gained the same 15 lbs I don’t know what many times)
  6. I have overcome too much shit in my life to never have ice-cream and birthday cake again
  7. I have many habits of “skinny” eaters and I still have a muffin top


I am sure there are a few more, if I want to spend the brain power thinking about them and no … of the reasons is not because I am lazy, unhealthy, unmotivated and overweight and making excuses.

Enter….. body positivity which to my understanding will help me blast these some of these myths and misconceptions  and once and for all I will love my body and appreciate all the does for me. Let the journey begin.



Winter Time Hand Treatment

Rough, dry hands? Winter have your hands and skin looking a few years older? Want some relief?

Here is a Wintertime favourite! 


 This lotion is silky, soft, smooth and has amazing scents. It also makes you hands feel silky, soft, smooth and restores them back to youthfulness. I can’t pick a favourite scent lavender or grapefruit so Good! 


Stila at Shoppers

On arriving to my appointment it was a bustle of people and lovely ladies sitting in chairs surrounded by reflective mirrors and beautiful displays of make up. I was excited to meet my make up artist for Stila. Of course she had amazing winged eyes done with the famous Stila liquid eyeliner. I wanted a holiday glam look and was most interested in trying out their shadows with glitter. I know, they had me at glitter too. Holiday and glitter, sugar and spice, apple and cinnamon, bread and butter.  I decided on purple glitter shadow and purple eyeliner. They are great colors for making green eyes pop.

Before my job starting taking up 10-12 hours of my day I was doing lots of research and practice on contouring. I took this as an opportunity to have a professional teach me about contouring. We had about the same amount of knowledge and I think she had more practice but I wasn’t all that pleased with her contouring skills. I ended up purchasing the contouring kit to do more at home practice. That was a least 2 weeks ago and I have not even opened the package.

Overall, I wasn’t blown away by the Stila products and they are pretty expensive not be loving them. I did receive a really nice holiday clutch and a bag of product from Shoppers that I will probably give away.

It is always a good experience when you get to try out a variety of products in a new to you line.

Another great thing about purchasing from Shoppers Drug Mart is you get Optimum points and with the purchases I made this day and the bonus points you received on this particular day I scored $60.oo in free merchandised.








Neutrogena Naturals Purifying Pore Scrub. I purchased this product because I was looking for a gentle everyday exfoliant. The “natural” and reputation of Neutrogena hooked me into buying this scrub. Unfortunately, for my skin it was light years away from an everyday scrub. I found the scrub felt like little shards of glass on my face and my face would be red for an hour or so after use.  This product went into category “when my face need a deeper exfoliant” and I used it once a month. I did end up using the whole bottle eventually. I may purchase again to keep on hand when I feel my face needs a good exfoliant. 3/5

L’Oreal Gently Eye Make Up Remover. For the most part I find  oil-free make up removers work well for me. This product is gentle, works well and is not very expensive. 4/5

Eco-beauty Good Day Day Moisturizer. This moisturizer came in an ipsy bag.  Claims: Long-lasting moisturization,ample hydration,fresher & happier appearance,highly natural, biodegradable formula,cruelty-free. Sounds perfect, except I had a big issue with the scent. It just didn’t smell like fresh cucumbers to me. As well, there was something about the formula that made it feel more medical then luxurious. It did melt into my skin and it didn’t feel heavy or greasy but I wan’t sure how moisturizing it was to my skin. I used the whole sample because I was trying to figure out if the product was giving me any real, noticeable benefits. I didn’t observe any and since I can’t get over the clinical smell and texture I wouldn’t purchase this product. 2.5/5

Edward Bess Sheer Satin Cream Foundation Shade Bare 02 I really liked this cream foundation. This was my second empty of this product. It gave me great coverage, was easy and smooth to apply and my face had a very natural appearance.The downfall is at $60.00 a compact the product doesn’t last long, especially If you are using it for full face coverage. You seem to lose a lot of product in your brush or sponge. The formula itself is fantastic. 4.5/5

Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Creme Oil   Another ipsy bag sample. I really do love getting my monthly bag of goodies.  I was pleasantly surprised with this product and how much I ended up liking it. It tamed some frizz, I could’t feel the product in my hair and it has some sort of glitter or something which adds the luminance to your hair. If,  I used to much of this product at once, it would sometimes cause my scalp to itch. So I had to be careful not to squeeze to much out at one time. Will repurchase should I find it in my travels. 3.5/5


Anew Reversalist Complete Renewal Day Cream. This is my staple face cream. It is light, non-greasy, doesn’t cause breakouts, helps reduce brown spots and has an SPF of 25.  It does a good job moisturizing my face and neck.  Avon also claims it reduces fine lines and wrinkles. I don’t have any wrinkles ( okay, a few smile wrinkles, but who doesn’t?)  so I guess it is working. Thank you Avon and good genes. I have already re-purchaesed this. 4/5

L’Oreal Voluminous Miss Manga Mascara. I can get really long lashes with this product and you can build your lashes up as well without a caked on look. I may even like this a bit better than Lights Camera Lashes by Tarte. It is more cost effective. 5/5 Will re-purchase this weekend.

Instand Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle I bought this after all the rage in the blogging world and it didn’t disappoint. What I love most is that it does not crease in those little laugh lines I have under my eyes. Unlike Nars Concealer which was a big disappointment. This will be a staple in my make-up collection and it is a good price point too! 4.5/5

Goddess on the Beach

I have to buy a new bathing suit, maybe even two. Yes, I know there are more dreaded things I have to do in my life like a colonoscopy every few years but who really likes to shop for a bathing suit? I don’t even really know where to begin and this late in the season I don’t expect the selection to be great. The choices are endless but those that will grace this body are limited   There is how I WANT to feel in a bathing suit and and how I actually feel.

My day dream: I am goddess of the beach looking amazing in my suit with a light breeze blowing my hair and the bottom of my shear coverup. I slow mow run into the waves and walk like a fashion model down the runway beach.


The reality: I have to consider my body shape and play up my assets within a reasonable budget and buy a really cute cover up just in case the breeze is blowing.

What are your tips for bathing suit shopping?

June Purchases

I had great intentions of getting this post up June 30 but that didn’t quite work out. But here it is now!  I purchased less this month in beauty and spent more of my hard earned cash on Summer clothing. It was a good trade off!! 🙂 IMG_6060 IMG_6062 I have not had nearly enough time to play with this palatte as I just finally got it. Long story short. I ordered it from Amazon US site and had it shipped to my friend that was in Florida and I had to wait for her to come home before I actually got it in my hands. It saved me money which was great but I need more time before giving any real feedback. I did however order this after receiving a sample in one of my Ipsy bags and really liked that sample. I really like using these wet it enhances the color. IMG_6063 When I got a sample of this in an Ipsy bag I fell in love immediately and could’t wait to get it from my friend. However, it is not the same as the Ipsy sample, as that one was tinted and this one is not. So, I do feel that one gives your face a white “glow”. However, once you put on foundation or powder you do not notice it. But I wanted this for the beach so I could reapply and reapply without any makeup and still have a bit of coverage and sun protection, Even though I double checked it before ordering I ended up with the wrong one. I am a bit disappointed as the Ipsy sample is holy grail face sunscreen. Any tips on where I can buy this in the USA please share as I am hoping to get to the Maine in late Fall. I can’t order from the company on line and Amazon is way too expensive with shipping and all.  This is the one I wanted.  IMG_6064 I bought this after reading about it on Pores for Thought I was intrigued. A facial cleansing oil? I do really like this product. It is like smearing oil all over your face and them BAM add a little water and it washed off completely. It removes make up and leaves your skin feeling fresh. When in The Body Shoppe I was reminded about how they do beauty with heart. With so many chemically filled beauty products that are produced unfairly this reminded me to be a more conscious shopper. I was also reminded of this at LUSH when I purchased these charity pots for my co-workers as a thank you gift for a great year. All the money ( excluding tax) from these pots when purchased do directly towards a given charity. The charity is identified on the top. I purchased ones that gave back to education in some way.  LUSH is another great company that is very conscience of the products they are making. The mini size of these pots were 6.95. 05236 IMG_6067 Another great Body Shoppe purchase was this bronzer. It gives your skin a light glow and a real I just been to the beach look. I love this product. 81m325oBQzL._SX466_ Finally, I made my first Butter nail polish purchased. Hey, everyone raves about it! I had to try it out. These are minis purchased for 20.00 US plus shipping and tax. In the above picture you can see I have Green Fairy on. I had to do three coats to get good coverage. It didn’t start out well but I am only on day 2 of wearing so I can’t give a verdict just yet. I do however, really like the color of Green Fairy.

The girls at work who I adore but will not be working with in the Fall gave me this beautiful MK electric blue clutch.  They know how to make a girl feel special. IMG_6069

Julie G Nail Polish

If there is one thing to be said for subscription bags and boxes they are a really good way to try out products you have never tried before. Sometimes the sample sizes are great because you are not committed to a full-size should you not like a product or it just doesn’t work for you. Why am I talking about this?  Well, because I have discovered another favourite from my April  Ipsy bag and it is Julie G Nail polish. This is one of those products that I wish I would have discovered sooner. While I am discovering  how great this polish is Jacqueline at A Vibrant Day whose blog I love by the way is doing a three part Mani(cure) on the JulieG’s Candy Shoppe Collection. Go check that out she does really great mani(cures).

On to the Julie G I received in my Ipsy bag, it was in the shade of Damsel which is a mid-tone pink creme. This colour is part of the core collection.  This colour really works for me and is a wonderful colour for Spring and Summer . On the website you can purchase this polish for $3.99. That is a steal and I will tell you why. (However, I am only referring to this colour which is from the core collection because if you read Jacqueline’s series on Candy Shoppe Collection the polish from that collection does not have the wearability as the core colours)

1. There are many colors to choose from

2. They are 3.99

3. This is something about this formula that makes application very easy. I have control over the polish and therefore I make less mistakes that I have to correct. The brush doesn’t appear to be anything special so it must be the formula.

4. I saved the best for last and last it does. This polish has amazing wearability. If you put a topcoat on it lasts even longer. I went 4 days with out a topcoat and had no chips. With a topcoat I can get 5-6 days with no chips. The only time I have had polish last this long is when I have had a professional manicure.

The downside, as per usual I find a great product but I am unable to get it in Canada, shipping to Canada is often very expensive and not worth the cost. I will be adding this to my USA shopping trip list.

Day 4 with no topcoat just starting to get some wear on the tips, use a topcoat for ever best results.

IMG_5811 copy