A Year in Review

IMG_6334It is my blog one year anniversary month.

The greatest challenge and change for me this last year was starting a new position at work . I went from a special needs teacher/coordinator to teaching grade 3 and having a class all of my own. The change was a personal challenge because of my medical needs. I worked with a therapist and an occupational therapist  for a few months to help me prepare for the change.  I am happy to say that I am doing well in my new job and my stress is significantly reduced.

working it al out

We also finished our basement and created a warm and inviting family room. I am really happy with the outcome.  I continue to decorate and will do the reveal one of these days.

basement reno

I am most happy when I am outside. We got lots of camping in this year and had some great walks and hikes. Sometimes my “issues”, yes let’s call it “issues for now on, prevent me from getting out sometimes and that really frustrates me. My therapist says I need to be kinder to myself when my “issues” prevent me from doing what I want. I am working on that.

I have probably doubled or even tripled my make up collection in the last year.


I was one proud Mother when my son graduated from Jr. high and he had his jr. prom.


Our big trip this year was Vegas and seeing Britney Spears in concerts. We also did some local travelling.



I feel blessed to have a strong core of friends and a supportive family.

I celebrated my 20th wedding anniversary.

A big accomplishment for me this year was with the scale and diets.  I stopped weighing myself nearly everyday and go weeks without stepping on the scale. I can say with certainty that diets don’t work. I spent my 30’s going up and down on the scale with the same 10lbs and I am done with that. I am me, this is me and I am happy with me. I am active, healthy and happy. I can live with being a size 10.

This year going forward I continue to pray for health, happiness, growth and personal adventure. Never stop believing, never give up hope, live in the moment, move forward, live adventure, never allow dullness in your life, never act your age, don’t allow anyone to put you in a box and tell you have to act or be a certain way. These are the inspirations for my life and my blog.

Here is to another year of happy life, happy blogging!


Life and Style at 40 Something is changing her blog name

After some careful thought and lots of playing around with words I have decided to change the name of my blog to Lavender, Life and Everything Nice. Lavender is one of my favourite flowers to grow and harvest not to mention I love the smell. I rub a little bit of lavender oil on the insides of my wrists at bedtime for a peaceful restful sleep. IMG_4206

Dear Dream Reader


Dear Dream Reader,

I am so glad we found each other. I have been waiting since college to find another kindred spirit. I have been waiting for someone just like me that likes to dance in the park when she hears a great song, that loves to Glam up for the neighbours party, that loves to laugh her ass off and get drunk on icy drinks. Someone that likes to shop and have lunch on a Saturday afternoon, that complains about her kids and husband to boot. Someone that spends hours at the beach and surfs the waves with the kids. Someone who knows that life isn’t alway easy and that there will be times when we will feel sad and angry and times when we will be in despair. Someone that can rejoice in the happy times and comfort and understand the bad. Someone that shares in the ups and downs of this journey  called life. Who won’t once surrender to the box that they may try to be put in or conform to the false beliefs from others of what they should be or shouldn’t be doing because of their age.