Body Positivity Movement

I am joining the body positivity movement. I am optimistic that I can embrace the positivity. I am not getting any younger or thinner and starving myself is out of the question. I know very little about body positivity. I have been hating my body for pretty much all my life but mostly since I was about 25, so that is almost 20 years of hating my body and putting all myself worth into how flat my stomach is or is not, which it is not flat by any means. I have an arm load of reasons I am not getting skinny and why my muffin top is not shrinking. I loath my muffin top and now I am adding my upper arms to what I hate about my body. Okay, back fat too, I hate that as well, but see it less often since  it is behind me. See where this is going?

Here is my arm load of reasons (some may call excuses) why I am not getting skinny

  1. hyperthyroid
  2. menopause at 3o
  3. whacked out hormones
  4. IBS diet
  5. diets don’t work, I have done lots ( WW, clean eating, no carbs, reduced carbs, paleo, LA weight loss and the list continues, I have lost and gained the same 15 lbs I don’t know what many times)
  6. I have overcome too much shit in my life to never have ice-cream and birthday cake again
  7. I have many habits of “skinny” eaters and I still have a muffin top


I am sure there are a few more, if I want to spend the brain power thinking about them and no … of the reasons is not because I am lazy, unhealthy, unmotivated and overweight and making excuses.

Enter….. body positivity which to my understanding will help me blast these some of these myths and misconceptions  and once and for all I will love my body and appreciate all the does for me. Let the journey begin.



Furniture Shopping

We are on the home stretch of the basement renos! Yeah, I am looking forward to there not being a layer of dust on everything.

I think we are going to have just enough money left to purchase a sectional couch. There are lots of options for sectionals; size, material, color, and of course price. As with any major purchase you want to get the most bang for your buck, especially when that buck will be starting at $2000.00.

What are some features to consider when purchasing a new couch?

The first thing you consider is how does the piece look and feel. Does it fit with the vision you have for the space? 

For my space I am looking for a couch that calls out rest, relaxation, comfort, conversation and don’t be afraid to put your feet up on the couch. I want to the fabric to be soft and comfortable. Falling a sleep on this couch is a must as well it has to be large enough to have lots of people share a movie or a laugh.

The next element to consider is color and fabric.

Going with my inspiration photo I am looking for a grey couch. Brown would be too dark and beige too light. The durability of the fabric is very important. It needs to stand the test of lots of company and lots of “double rubs” more than 15,000 double rubs is considered heavy duty,  9000-15,000 medium. Not only does it need to be durable but it needs to be easily cleaned. Efficient spot cleaning is a must.


Construction, frame, cushions.

Once style, color and fabric is selected you do have to consider what is under all that fabric and cushion. It could be the perfect style, color, fabric, but if the frame and construction of the couch is poorly constructed all those other elements will be a waste of time and effort because it won’t be long before you are lugging it to the curb

Coach Size and Space

When shopping don’t forget to bring a measuring tape. The piece has to fit into the space and be well proportioned. Our room is quite large and the couch and TV are going to be the main focus.

So many decisions! Kids they are so easy to please.


Comforting the Control Freak in Me


I have this little voice popping up in my head telling me that I can’t do this new job I am taking in the Fall. It wants to rob me of my peace and slowly chip away at my confidence until I am in full agreement and a complete and utter mess. Should I get to that state it will mean I won’t be able to do the job.  ( I have a medical condition as a  result of my cancer recovery and it can be made significantly worse with stress)

I am starting to have these moments of “what if” panic; one-two seconds of losing my breath and catching it again as the final decisions are made and the time approaches about the job. In my heart of hearts, I know I can do this. I know it will make me a much happier person because since I graduated with my degree I knew this is what I wanted to do. I am doing work I enjoy but that path changed a little on the way. I am okay with that but now I have the opportunity to do what I think I really want to do.

The next five months I am going  to have to work really hard on building myself up and not allowing myself to worry about something that may never happen. It seems so clear in this situation. Why would I mentally torment myself for months cause myself anxiety and stress which will lead to physical symptoms regarding something that may never happen?  I can’t tell you the amount to time and energy ( years)  I have spent worrying about the exact same scenario but about my health.

What is most interesting and what I am learning is that I have completely control of how I want this situation to unfold. I can allow the chipping and ultimate fail of something I really want or I can take control and have what I want. Really, the choice is basically mine. Of course this is not going to be a walk in the park but I know something now I didn’t know before and that is I have a choice here. I have some control over this situation and for a control freak that is comforting.

Reno Before Photos

Here’s the plan. This is a basement reno since the main floor of the house has been done, in fact I think we are coming back around to the main floor cause the mental list is growing. Anyways, that is for another time. I should also say that we have hired someone to do this work and it is only going to be a small DIY project for us (painting, some design, decorating).

okay, the plan

We are taking out the existing “kids” tv/game room and turning it into a bedroom for my oldest son. His current bedroom is very small and has no closet. The window in the picture is where our home use to end before we put on an addition about 6 years ago.


The extension we put on was for a master bedroom suite (main level) and we never finished the basement portion of the addition. We have just used it for storage and for the kids to play hockey in. Now we are going to turn it into a large family room.

IMG_5462 IMG_5464

We are re-doing the bathroom because if I am going to be spending time in this new family room I need to have access to a nice washroom and so do the guests.


Alright-y, here we go. Good thoughts! Happy thoughts!

Renovation #… who am I kidding I’ve lost count.

IMG_5467We are at it again….. home renovations. When you buy a 40 year old home it becomes almost part of the norm.

What I have learned about renovating on a real budget

1. Your not going to get everything you want, you may get about half of what you want (maybe).

2. Your end product is not going to be the centre spread of a designer magazine.

3. You have to make purchases on what you can afford. If you want to splurge on an item your are going to have to reduce on  another.

4. You will be sticker shocked at the cost of trades and wonder why the hell you didn’t go to school for plumbing or electrical.

5.  Unexpected costs will come up, you can count on this.

6. You will go over budget.

7. No matter how well you think you plan and have it all organized there will be delays.

8. No matter how well you think you plan and have it all organized you will be stressed.

9. It will take up to a year or more to have it decorated the way you would like. Since your budget is blown you have to buy one-two home decor pieces at a time.

10. You will have a nicely renovated space that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Fingers Crossed and toes too.

I just learned today that there maybe an opening for me to change jobs at my place of employment. I am very excited about this possibility as it was looking bleak and I was going to have to change locations to change jobs. While nothing is final and won’t be for sometime, at least I know my admin is willing to work with me and will consider me. I feel like a weight has been taken off my shoulders. I work in the demanding field of education and while the grass won’t be greener in my new position it will be different. Fingers Crossed!!! and toes too!!!