As seen on Pinterest: Teacup Bird Feeder

I had to clean out some dead branches from an area in my yard. The tops of the trees are beautiful and provide lots of privacy but the bottoms of the trees had lots of dead branches. I often noticed little birds hanging out in the trees. I thought these teacup bird feeders would be a great way to add to the empty space and bring more of those lovely little birds to the trees.  I have a few more plans for this space as it leads to a pathway of wild blackberry bushes.


I purchased all the cups and saucers from a thrift shop. I also found beads and ribbons to use for hangers. The glue I picked up at a hardware store. I selected glue that was waterproof.  A glue gun would work as well.






Weekend Hike

Today’s hike was just hubs and I who’s name I should tell you is Chris. We went for a shorter hike today in a more urban area. It was along a river that has been under restoration for the last few years and is making good progress.  This river does flood its banks in some areas thankfully no homes are at risk. With the melting snow and Spring rain showers the river was high and flowing fast.


IMG_5659IMG_5657 IMG_5656