It is that time of year again!

It is that time of year again when I am planning a beach camping vacation and I need to purchase a swim suit. Last year it was a well thought out plan but one I wasn’t looking forward to. I am completely the person that will compare my body with those immediately around me and if they are slimmer then me I automatically cut myself down to the size of a grain of sand. My self worth becomes non-existence because I dump on myself for not being thin as well. (so keeping my fingers crossed for the exploration with body positivity)

I wasn’t planning to buying a swim suit yesterday but I made my way over to the rack anyways and said “why the hell not, maybe I will get lucky”.

Get Lucky


And I DID! Maybe it was because my goal going into the dressing room was I will be happy if they just fit, they don’t have to look good, they just have to fit. With goal one in check, I started to check out all the other angles and of course looked to play up the assets and down play the mid-section. Check points on both and I went home with 2 new bathing suits that are very comfortable. I even purchased a panty style bottom which I rarely purchase or wear, I am a skirt bottom kind of girl.

I have to confess the bathing suit I purchased last year looks good but it is like getting into a SPANX. After I wrestle with the top and figure out which way is the front and get the straps situated, I want to fall exhausted on the bed.  I didn’t wear this suit once when I was in the Bahamas this Spring. There is no last minute, “let’s go for a swim” and just toss on your swim suit. It takes time and patience and you need air conditioning blasting on you because look out if you are hot and sweating this suit is not going on easy.



Off to the beach I go……



Wish App

Have you stumbled on wish app on your instagram or twitter feed? Well, I came across it as a sponsored app and I decided to click that install button and then spent the next hour or more taking a look at all the products at low prices. Of course, when you think something is too good to be true you better do your research. So I researched the reviews on the company/site and watch a few videos on youtube. What I determined was most of the merchandise is from China and made quite cheap. Research tells me  Wish is a  glorified online dollar store. I also gathered that the clothing sizes were very small and you had to order 2-3 sizes up. As well you should only purchase products with consistent 5 star reviews.

I decided to take the plunge and order a few products

I received all products as promised. It took up to 4 weeks to get some items but they are very clear about that up front. Some customers complain of never receiving product but I did in fact receive everything I ordered. There were also complaints of not receiving the correct item ordered but once again I received everything as ordered. It is also important to read the find print on each item because what you see in the photo may not be all you get.

The first item I ordered was a pleather black jacket. It was 29CAD and free shipping. The jacket was small as expected but after I wore it once it seemed to loosed up around the shoulders.  I really like the jacket, it will get some good wear.


I don’t tend to like wearing scarfs because I find them heavy and constricting. They are almost as bad as wearing a turtle neck. The reviews on this scarf talked about how light weight it was and I liked the colors. It was 3CAD and 2 S&H. On arrival, the colors were not as vibrant as the picture on wish, the material was thin which was good because it is comfortable to wear and bad because I can already tell it is not going to wear well. The fibres seem to move around in some spots and create small holes. I will wear this until it looks too shabby.


The other  2 items I ordered were a pair of earrings and a makeup brush. I was very disappointed with these items but wasn’t really surprised I should have listened to the reviews on the items.

I am not sure I would order from this site again. They have some interesting, neat stuff but the quality is poor and you could be taking a risk by not receiving anything at all. For me, spending a few extra dollars for better quality, correct sizing and guaranteed arrival is better money spent. However, it is kind of addicting to scroll through all their items so there may come a time I just hit that buy button.

Anyone else have an experience with WISH?





June Purchases

I had great intentions of getting this post up June 30 but that didn’t quite work out. But here it is now!  I purchased less this month in beauty and spent more of my hard earned cash on Summer clothing. It was a good trade off!! 🙂 IMG_6060 IMG_6062 I have not had nearly enough time to play with this palatte as I just finally got it. Long story short. I ordered it from Amazon US site and had it shipped to my friend that was in Florida and I had to wait for her to come home before I actually got it in my hands. It saved me money which was great but I need more time before giving any real feedback. I did however order this after receiving a sample in one of my Ipsy bags and really liked that sample. I really like using these wet it enhances the color. IMG_6063 When I got a sample of this in an Ipsy bag I fell in love immediately and could’t wait to get it from my friend. However, it is not the same as the Ipsy sample, as that one was tinted and this one is not. So, I do feel that one gives your face a white “glow”. However, once you put on foundation or powder you do not notice it. But I wanted this for the beach so I could reapply and reapply without any makeup and still have a bit of coverage and sun protection, Even though I double checked it before ordering I ended up with the wrong one. I am a bit disappointed as the Ipsy sample is holy grail face sunscreen. Any tips on where I can buy this in the USA please share as I am hoping to get to the Maine in late Fall. I can’t order from the company on line and Amazon is way too expensive with shipping and all.  This is the one I wanted.  IMG_6064 I bought this after reading about it on Pores for Thought I was intrigued. A facial cleansing oil? I do really like this product. It is like smearing oil all over your face and them BAM add a little water and it washed off completely. It removes make up and leaves your skin feeling fresh. When in The Body Shoppe I was reminded about how they do beauty with heart. With so many chemically filled beauty products that are produced unfairly this reminded me to be a more conscious shopper. I was also reminded of this at LUSH when I purchased these charity pots for my co-workers as a thank you gift for a great year. All the money ( excluding tax) from these pots when purchased do directly towards a given charity. The charity is identified on the top. I purchased ones that gave back to education in some way.  LUSH is another great company that is very conscience of the products they are making. The mini size of these pots were 6.95. 05236 IMG_6067 Another great Body Shoppe purchase was this bronzer. It gives your skin a light glow and a real I just been to the beach look. I love this product. 81m325oBQzL._SX466_ Finally, I made my first Butter nail polish purchased. Hey, everyone raves about it! I had to try it out. These are minis purchased for 20.00 US plus shipping and tax. In the above picture you can see I have Green Fairy on. I had to do three coats to get good coverage. It didn’t start out well but I am only on day 2 of wearing so I can’t give a verdict just yet. I do however, really like the color of Green Fairy.

The girls at work who I adore but will not be working with in the Fall gave me this beautiful MK electric blue clutch.  They know how to make a girl feel special. IMG_6069